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Letter: “Y Option” Traffic Proposal Is Not Feasible

Published on: 5 Oct, 2022
Updated on: 4 Oct, 2022

The preferred “Y Option” Image GBC

From: Ramsey Nagaty

Leader of the Guildford Greenbelt Group

In response to: The Biggest Changes For Our Town in Two Centuries Need Popular Support

The traffic proposals for the gyratory all include reductions in traffic flow.

The proposal that traffic previously split between the A281 and the Portsmouth Road (A3100) should all go along the Portsmouth Road is not feasible. There would need to be more changes than simply widening Broadford Bridge.

Such development would also likely add to traffic on to The Street in Compton, already a declared AQMA [Air Quality Managaement Area].

I have long proposed a new Park & Ride at Shalford on the A281 old waste site. I am advised this may well be adopted at the time of the town centre redevelopment. I will continue to campaign that it is provided asap.

I would also hope both GBC and Waverley Councils and SCC can help mitigate or relocate the transport companies operating lorries that regularly ply the A281 from their depot to the A3 and back.

Meanwhile, with internet shopping, the growing number of small van journeys increasingly pollute our town and villages. Hopefully, the TCMP [Town Centre Management Plan] will provide real solutions and not additional problems.

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