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Letter: Yes, What Is the Lib Dem’s Planning Policy?

Published on: 22 Jun, 2021
Updated on: 22 Jun, 2021

Lib Dems celebrating their Chesham & Amersham by-election victory. Image BBC

From: Sallie Barker

Chair of the Guildford Conservative Association

In response to: Guildford MP Reports Meeting PM on Planning as By-Election Sounds ‘Warning Shot’ to Tories

It is disappointing Ms Franklin failed to answer the vital question of what Liberal Democrat planning policy actually is. Instead, she chose to make unjustified and unsubstantiated insults about our MP, Angela Richardson. We are always clear and honest about our policies, rather than hiding them or twisting them to suit the audience.

Guildford Conservatives have never and will never take Guildford residents for granted and we recognise some Conservative policies are unpopular with some residents. We are out knocking on doors and welcome contact from residents with local or national concerns, which we always work hard to address.

Perhaps as well as letting us know what the Liberal Democrat planning policy is, Ms Franklin could tell us which, if any, of their election pledges for the borough they have managed to deliver.

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