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Lib Dems Claim Poll Shows They Will Win at Next General Election – MP Responds ‘Concentrate on the Day Job’

Published on: 3 Oct, 2023
Updated on: 4 Oct, 2023

Zoe Franklin and Angela Richardson MP

By Martin Giles

Guildford Lib Dems are publicising a new poll that suggests Zöe Franklin, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Guildford, could defeat the incumbent Conservative, Angela Richardson, at the next general election. 

The poll for The Times newspaper suggests if a general election were held now,  Liberal Democrat candidate Zöe Franklin would overturn the majority held by Conservative MP Angela Richardson.

The poll, conducted by Stonehaven, takes into account the predicted impact of tactical voting as voters swing behind the candidate most likely to beat the Conservatives.

Guildford General Election result 2019 – the Conservative majority was cut to 3,337 – Wikipedia

It comes after Liberal Democrat Leader Ed Davey vowed to “tear down the Blue Wall” at the next election in his speech to his party’s Autumn Conference, following the party’s four emphatic by-election wins in formerly safe Conservative seats in the past two years.

But what might not go down well with some voters in Guildford worried about development of the green belt is a Liberal Democrat members’ rebellion at their recent party conference against leader Ed Davey over a plan to scrap national targets for housebuilding and voted to maintain a target of 380,000 homes a year. This could add to the pressure on the green belt.

However, Davey has already committed to not building on green belt land, described by officials as an offering to previous Tory voters who are considering a move to the Lib Dems.

Responding to the poll, and avoiding the issue of housing targets, Zöe Franklin, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Guildford, said: “This shows the momentum is with the Liberal Democrats in our area, and that voters want a change.

“I am proud that we have set out a clear plan to tackle what really matters to people: health services, the cost of living crisis and the impact that years of the Conservative government’s neglect has had on people and communities.

“I am angry and frustrated to hear people tell me they are fed up with struggling to get a GP or dentist appointment, soaring prices in the shops, rents and mortgages spiralling, and our rivers being polluted by filthy sewage.”

But Richardson was dismissive saying: “Whilst the Lib Dems are clearly not concentrating on the day job, as evidenced by the deteriorating situation at Guildford Borough Council, I’m focussed on delivering for people across Guildford and getting results for constituents every day.

“One cursory glance at The Guildford Dragon’s homepage shows that Lib Dems in office put at risk the things that I know people in Guildford care deeply about.”

There has been some criticism of Lib Dem councillors from members of other parties who claim that the Lib Dems are distracted from GBC business by their concentration on getting Franklin elected.

Richardson continued: “Where the Lib Dems break their promises, fail to deliver and avoid scrutiny, I am answerable to the electorate every day and Guildford and our villages can rest assured that I will continue to be so.”

But Franklin said: “It’s now clearer than ever that the Liberal Democrats are best placed to beat the Conservative Party in Guildford, but every single vote will count. We are committed to showing voters that we will not let them down.

“As Guildford’s MP, I would proudly stand up for local families and be the strong voice in Parliament that our area so desperately needs.”





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Responses to Lib Dems Claim Poll Shows They Will Win at Next General Election – MP Responds ‘Concentrate on the Day Job’

  1. Nigel Keane Reply

    October 4, 2023 at 2:06 am

    Zoe Franklin a GBC Councillor who resigned in 2015 stating she wanted to spend more time with her young family as her council work was interfering with her private life. Then only two years later standing as a Parliamentary LD candidate.

    In Shalford we have received leaflets proclaiming her as our next MP, just one thing that has been overlooked Shalford is now in the Godalming Parliamentary Constituency NOT Guildford so she will not be Our MP no matter who is elected.

    What we want is an MP who will work to protect the Greenbelt or what is left of it after the greedy developers have forced their unwanted plans on so many residents in the surrounding areas of Guildford.

    We do not want to end up as another part of Greater London as has happened to so much of Surrey in the past few years.

  2. Stuart Barnes Reply

    October 4, 2023 at 9:19 am

    The “Conservative” party has not been Conservative since the disastrous reign of the ghastly Cameron.

    I think the voters have not changed but the opinions of many of their MPs are significantly more leftie than those of their members. That must be the fault of those running the party.

    It would not be surprising if voters decide either to stay at home or vote for real right wing parties at the next GE, if there are no significant and urgent policy moves back to something like genuine Conservatism.

  3. S Collins Reply

    October 5, 2023 at 9:19 am

    It doesn’t matter what the Lib Dem policy on housing is, as them winning in Guildford would help bring in Labour’s government policy, even if there was a coalition.

  4. Sara Tokunaga Reply

    October 12, 2023 at 2:58 pm

    I am always fascinated by these polls, as I have never been asked to take one!

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