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Lib Dems Set Up Petition Asking SCC to Help Feed the Children

Published on: 28 Oct, 2020
Updated on: 27 Oct, 2020

County Cllr Chris Botten

Surrey’s Lib Dems are calling on the county council to help supply free meals for children in need during school holidays.

Last week, Conservative MPs, including Guildford’s Angela Richardson, voted against extending free meals. This means during October half-term, the Christmas holidays and beyond, many parents will struggle to feed their children.

The public backlash has been heartening, with thousands of free-meal offers pouring in, mostly from private sources.

In our county, 9% of children are believed to live in poverty, despite one or more parent(s) being in work, and Surrey Lib Dems say free school meals are an essential lifeline for many, especially with the further difficulties caused by the pandemic.

Chris Botten, the Lib Dem Surrey group leader, said: “Suggesting families need support because their parent(s) spend their money on non-essential items is dangerous and harmful.

“The Conservatives are out of touch and hold great contempt for large sections of our communities, and this is unacceptable. We cannot allow children to suffer as a result.

“That is why Liberal Democrats across Surrey are calling on the county council to use their powers to show compassion, take responsibility and step in.”

Zoe Franklin

Residents can sign the petition calling for an extension to free school meals in Surrey here:

Zöe Franklin, Guildford Lib Dem’s parliamentary spokesperson added: “This Conservative government is failing Surrey’s children and their parents with their vote.

“Luckily, there are so many determined to help families at this time. As well as congratulating the brilliant campaigning by Marcus Rashford, we also thank those businesses and members of our community who have come forward to help ensure as many children as possible have access to free meals during half-term.”

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Responses to Lib Dems Set Up Petition Asking SCC to Help Feed the Children

  1. Maurice Bethell Reply

    October 28, 2020 at 6:26 pm

    Strongly against this petition. It is the parent’s responsibility to care for their children during school holidays. Post WW2 there were far more deprived families than there are today and people learnt to cope without all the mollycoddling that happens today. It was called having a spine and taking self-responsibility and, of course, mothers were able to create meals from scratch.

    The more we have this idea that everything is the Government’s responsibility, the less likely that people will feel entitled to live on the state.

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