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Lions Ask: ‘Do You Really Need Your Winter Fuel Payment?’

Published on: 1 Dec, 2013
Updated on: 5 Dec, 2013

Members of the Guildford Lions Club are asking people who receive the Government’s Winter Fuel Paymemts, and who are sufficiently well off not to need the cash, to consider donating it to those in need.


The Guidford Lions Club has set up Project Wenceslsas to help those struggling to pay their winter fuel bills.

The Lions have set up a scheme called Project Wenceslas with Guildford Citizens Advice Bureau, who will redirect funds raised to households it has identified as having difficulty in paying their fuel bills this winter.

A Lions spokesman said: “The impact of the recession, the general cost of living increases and particularly the dramatic rise in utility costs highlighted by the recent announcements by SSE, British Gas and N Power of increases averaging between 8% and 10% is having a significant impact on the number of households in Guildford entering the ’fuel poverty’ and ‘fuel debt’ zones.

“All parts of the country are affected, and, despite its apparent wealth, Guildford has many families and individuals that fall within these categories and struggle to keep warm and avoid hypothermia during the winter months.

“Many people in our community receive Winter Fuel Payments from the Government but do not rely on this grant to offset their fuel bills. We are calling on those to whom this payment is non-essential to pass all or part of their grant to us. Guildford Lions Club will then work with the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), who will identify those households that fall into this category.

“All monies raised will initially go into the Lions Charity Trust Account which will be ring-fenced for Project Wenceslas.  The funds will then be passed on to Guildford CAB for payment directly to the utility accounts of the affected households.

“Given that the appeal is running in the run up to Christmas, we have named it Project Wenceslas.”

Guildford Lions Club is a registered charity, number  1083404, and is part of the largest service organisation in the world, namely Lions Club International. Its Guildford events include the Raft Race and Fireworks Fiesta, and profits go towards helping local people.

Donate now by clicking here. 

Or, send a cheque made payable to: ‘Guildford Lions Club’ and endorsed ‘WFP’ on the reverse to: David Kitching, Treasurer, Guildford Lions Club, 1 Green Lane, Guildford GU1 2LZ.

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