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Local Doubt Over Taylor Wimpey’s Second Public Consultation on Former Wisley Airfield

Published on: 11 Nov, 2020
Updated on: 13 Nov, 2020

Aerial photograph of the former Wisley Airfield site. Google Maps

Taylor Wimpey’s planned second public consultation on their plans for the former Wisley Airfield has been met with local distrust.

Residents are being invited to join two live webinars on the company’s proposals, updated after local feedback in the first consultation.

The Zoom webinars are on Thursday, November 19, between 6pm and 8pm, and on Saturday, November 21, between 10am and 12pm. Further information is available online at, and anyone wishing to join should click the link on the website to register.

The webinars will be published on the website for anyone unable to attend and links to the recordings will also be available on request by emailing

Antonis Pazourou, the firm’s community and green infrastructure project manager, said: “We have hosted a range of consultation events with the local community and we have received valuable comments which have helped us to draw up an initial masterplan.

“We want to give local residents the opportunity to share their thoughts on our latest plans to help us to make sure the proposed development meets the needs of local people.”

But Tony Edwards, of the Wisley Action Group, said: “Taylor Wimpey’s ongoing ‘consultation’ is plainly a cosmetic exercise to justify whatever plans the company has already made for the proposed ‘new town’.

“It is abundantly clear criticisms of the content and implementation of their webinars have fallen on deaf ears.

“This cavalier attitude is typified by their recent planning application (20/P/01708) for a roundabout near Ockham Park, known locally as the Ripley roundabout, which would be without purpose unless and until Taylor Wimpey receives planning consent for the housing development.

“Perhaps, instead of limiting public comment to their webinars, they might consent to a full Zoom meeting at which key issues could be addressed and questions heard without prior editing by the company.”

Cllr Colin Cross

Cllr Colin Cross (R4GV, Lovelace), said: “Of course, it is most welcome that the TW consultation process is continuing but it’s early days in terms of how effective it is in representing the wishes of local people.

“I have personally expressed my strong reservations regarding the selection of the TW consultation team who largely comprise the old WPIL [Wisley Property Investment Limited] group, with the old lead too.

“Surely they should have wiped that particular slate clean and started afresh?

“Another major concern is the possible use of Hatch Lane as a major cycle and pedestrian throughway.

“This lane comes out in the middle of the Bridge End hamlet on Ockham Lane. It has no pavements or lighting and limited site lines. What will be the effect upon the 14 or so houses of such an invasion?”

Cllr Julie Iles

County Cllr Julie Iles (Con, The Horsleys), added: “Even if residents take a cynical view on this being a consultation event I would encourage them to sign up as attendees.

“When any planning application is brought forward, Surrey County Council will be a statutory consultee on matters relating to infrastructure.

“Local people are often best placed to know the history of an area and more widely associated issues, and at the appropriate stage in the process I would like to make sure their input is taken into account.”

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Responses to Local Doubt Over Taylor Wimpey’s Second Public Consultation on Former Wisley Airfield

  1. Mike Murphy Reply

    November 11, 2020 at 3:25 pm

    Taylor Wimpey is certainly taking advantage of the Pandemic to rush through their dreadful desecration of a green belt area. If it was normal times in-person protest would be possible.

    Let’s just hope the better outlook for ending this pandemic will be realised sooner rather than later to allow local feelings on this money-making, overpopulation in an already crowded area to be resisted in every way possible. The Local Plan has left us a legacy of transport gridlock for our children’s future.

  2. Ben Paton Reply

    November 11, 2020 at 9:01 pm

    Even if residents take a cynical view on this being a consultation…’

    The public is not fooled by the glib and oily arts. There is no point pandering to the developers.

    The trouble is that the courtiers in GBC’s planning department continue to insist that this Emperor is wearing beautiful clothes.

    Come off it. Why can’t they admit that the Emperor is stark naked and not a pretty sight? The longer they continue with this charade the more foolish they look and the more contempt the lies provoke.

    Surrey County Council has had many opportunities to stop this development. It passed them all up.

    Last time around Highways England vetoed the development. Next time the company fronting up the proposal will be different, the data will be worse and the outcome will be the same.

  3. Stuart Ray Reply

    November 12, 2020 at 2:23 pm

    Why were Taylor Wimpey again running more traffic surveys around the Send area, this time during the pandemic and for the duration of the last half-term break? The last traffic survey was done in 2019 during the summer holidays. It is obvious their intent is to try and lessen the impact in their expected traffic increase due to their development.

    There is am appalling traffic and pollution situation that we currently have along the A247 through Send. This extends past Send 1st School and Send surgery with queuing traffic along both sides of the road at certain times of the day.

    • Paul Robinson Reply

      November 13, 2020 at 4:39 pm

      It reminds me of the Beeching railway cuts. They carried out rail traffic surveys during holiday and school holiday periods. Guess what? They got the justification they needed to close lines down.

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