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London Road Active Travel Scheme Decision Confirmed

Published on: 27 Feb, 2024
Updated on: 28 Feb, 2024

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Proposals to improve walking and cycling on the A3100 between Burpham and Guildford, have today been given the go-ahead.

Improvements will take place to and around the Boxgrove Roundabout – a key junction linking the A3, Guildford Town Centre, the Spectrum Leisure Centre and local schools. The junction will be redesigned to modern standards, prioritising pedestrians and cyclists, to help make travelling in the area safer.

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SCC is also expected to continue progressing the delivery of a controlled crossing near Winterhill Way and a zebra crossing on the junction of Nightingale Road and London Road.

But the controversial redesign of the stretches of the London Road between Burpham and the Boxgrove Roundabout (Section 1 on the map) and the Boxgrove Roundabout to York Road (Section 3) will not now proceed, at least in the short-term.

A county council spokesperson said: “Having carefully considered feedback from a three-month public engagement exercise, the council will not be taking forward the proposed further active travel interventions on London Road between Boxgrove Roundabout and York Road. Instead, other improvements including safer crossing points, will be installed at the junction of Nightingale Road and London Road and between Winterhill Way and London Road in Burpham.”

Tim Oliver, leader of Surrey County Council said, “I am pleased to be taking forward a scheme that will deliver a step change in the local transport system to prioritise pedestrians and cyclists, in line with our active travel policies and ambitions for Surrey.

Cllr Tim Oliver

“We have listened extensively to all views from the local community, including much support for various elements of the scheme but also legitimate concerns.

“I know some people will be happy that the London Road proposals will not be implemented in full, while others will have wanted us to go even further.

“Focusing on the Boxgrove Roundabout initially will see this key junction linking the A3, Guildford Town Centre, the Spectrum Leisure Centre and local schools, redesigned to modern standards to prioritise pedestrians and cyclists and help make all forms of travelling safer.

“Section 1 of the proposed scheme will be subject to further review and decision at a later date, to ensure the needs of all road users have been considered. New safer crossing points will be installed at the junction of Nightingale Road and London Road and between Winterhill Way and London Road in Burpham.

“I am confident that this work will see more people walking and cycling with confidence in this area of Guildford, and I would like to thank everyone who has contributed their views on this scheme.”

In a distributed email report the chair of the London Road Action Group said: “The London Road Action Group (LRAG) was created to ensure that all aspects of the revised public engagement were available to the public, in order to be able to voice a considered opinion about the proposed Active Travel Scheme.

“With the announcement of SCC’s decisions, its work is thus complete … for the time being. Regular news updates are no longer necessary, though the Group will continue to monitor progress towards the final decision on Section 1, and design revisions for Section 2.”

Cllr Howard Smith

Guildford Borough Councillor Howard Smith (Labour, Westborough), who has been a strong advocate for active travel in Guildford said: “I am disappointed that the scheme will not at this time be implemented in full as it has much support among local residents, many organisations including GBC, The Guildford Society, bike groups, plus all the major political parties and most importantly the schools along the route.

“However, I am pleased that section 2 (Boxgrove roundabout) has been given the go ahead and I am optimistic that following the review we will see section 1 (Aldi to Boxgrove roundabout) come forward in some form.

“Once these are in place and the benefits realised then further active travel schemes will come forward, I’m sure. I would especially like to see a scheme connecting my ward of Westborough to the town centre. It’s imperative we act to improve peak hour congestion, air quality, and encourage more active lifestyles where we can. I see this as a first small step in the right direction.”

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Responses to London Road Active Travel Scheme Decision Confirmed

  1. Anthony Mallard Reply

    February 27, 2024 at 4:39 pm

    I am sure that the proposed modernisation of the Boxgrove Roundabout will be welcome by all road users. The slip from the A25 Parkway to the A3100 is especially dangerous. The fact that there are no safe pedestrian crossing points, as highlighted by Mr Sam Neatrour’s daughter Juliette’s experience, is also in need of urgent attention. It is pleasing to note that this will be a priority.

    Whilst there may be individuals or organisations who may regret the decision to postpone other aspects of the scheme, I am confident that wise heads will prevail and that safer cycling and pedestrian ways will eventually be found that do not compromise the safety of proposed diversionary routes in residential areas. There was the potential for an increase in pollution to all road users, especially pedestrians and cyclists because of the congestion that may have arisen had the scheme been implemented.

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