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Looking Up Is Often Worthwhile

Published on: 22 Aug, 2023
Updated on: 22 Aug, 2023

By Martin Giles

Do you ever look up at the sky? There is often something interesting to see. Perhaps most frequently we look to assess the weather but there are bats, birds, insects and aircraft to spot too. Or you might ponder the vastness of space, especially under starlight.

And these days with a camera in almost everyone’s pocket, in the form of a mobile phone, interesting subjects and phenomena can be quickly captured.

Yesterday early evening  I was taken back to my “Physical Geography and Elementary Geology” O Level course, taught by an excellent teacher at St Peter’s, Mr Mitchell in 1971. Good teaching really does stay with you.

Cirrocumulus over Guildford.

I was impressed with this cloud formation. It is cirrocumulus, probably at around 18,000 feet. Sometimes it has a more stripey appearance and is described as a mackerel sky because of its resemblance to the markings on that fish.

Image: ZME Science

If you capture good images of local natural phenomena, they could be other cloud formations or from the wide range of flora and fauna, why not send them to The Dragon ( for others to see and enjoy?


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