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Lord Lieutenant’s Award For Charity’s Dedicated Employee

Published on: 1 Jul, 2021
Updated on: 30 Jun, 2021

Margarette Fulleylove from Headway Surrey has received an award from the Lord-Lieutenant of Surrey, Michael More-Molyneux.

Margarette (maggee) Fulleylove (centre) being presented with her award by the Deputy Lord-Lieutenant of Surrey, Andrew Wates OBE, with Headway Surrey’s chief executive office, Sonja Freebody.

Headway Surrey says the certificate with official wax seal was presented by Deputy Lord-Lieutenant of Surrey, Andrew Wates OBE, in recognition of her exceptional services and dedication in supporting specialist services to survivors of brain injuries and their families.

Maggee (as she is known by) goes above and beyond her specified role as finance and admin manager and has been vital in ensuring the continued support to clients through the immense challenges of the pandemic with her amazing resilience and dedication.

Headway Surrey, based in North Road, Stoughton, is a registered charity that supports people with acquired brain injury.

Maggee’s framed certificate.

Brain injury is often referred to as the “hidden” disability. Unlike other life-changing conditions, Headway Surrey says people do not think about it in advance. It is only when it actually happens, usually suddenly, to an individual – whether that be through a road traffic incident, a sports injury or even an illness such as a stroke – that people actually realise how traumatic, debilitating, frustrating and even frightening a brain injury can be.

In Surrey alone over 20,000 people are suffering from the effects of a brain injury at any one point in time and it is not only the victims who are affected.

It threatens and changes the way of life of the thousands of people closest to them – their families and friends.

Headway Surrey is the only charity of its kind focussing entirely on supporting those affected by brain injury across the county.

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