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Makeover Is Looking Better To The Delight Of Residents

Published on: 8 Aug, 2013
Updated on: 11 Aug, 2013

Dedicated community stalwarts have been hard at work transforming a patch of open space in Northway near the junction of Aldershot Road.

Brian Holt plants up the raised bed on the patch of open space in Northway, Guildford.

Brian Holt plants up the raised bed on the patch of open space in Northway, Guildford.

Working in partnership with Guildford Borough Council’s parks department, the triangle of land is now looking a lot better.

Work started back in January when contractors removed an old section of rough and ragged hedging, added wooden posts and a raised bed for plants. A noticeboard has also been erected. Funding to date has come via the borough council’s Westborough Works project. Click here to read our previous story.

But after that not much happened. The grass and weeds have grown and, up until last week, the site  looked a bit neglected once more.

Local resident Raineee Wornham, who is one of those who campaigned for the makeover, takes up the story of the latest developments. She said: “I attach some photos of the finished planter [raised bed]. Brian Holt and I spent four hours or more there on Sunday. We had such fantastic comments from people coming up to us as we worked.

The raised bed / planter looks a whole lot better!

The raised bed / planter looks a whole lot better!

“Despite the backaches and blisters, seeing those people’s smiles made it all worthwhile. As for the weeds that had grown, I made a phone call to Arthur Kinge of the council’s parks department to get them cut back. I phoned him on Wednesday last week and the work was done by Thursday morning. Arthur also offered some plants for the planter and they were delivered on Friday. Why they weren’t offered when the planter was first put it, I don’t know.”

An application has now been submitted to Surrey County Council’s Travel SMART initiative for more funding to complete the makeover. This is a scheme that gives grants to local projects and includes improvements to green spaces so that people feel safer when they walk around the area in which they live.

Travel SMART xxx Gloria Oham.

Travel SMART support woeker for Stoke and Westborough Gloria Oham.

Rainee has been helped in submitting the application by Gloria Oham, who is working in the communities of Stoke and Westborough on behalf of Travel SMART and managed by Voluntary Action South West Surrey.

Raineee added: “Gloria is such a lovely lady and really gave me the boost I very much needed as I was close to giving up, after we were turned down on a previous application to Surrey County Council’s Community Improvements Fund, as we didn’t ask for enough money. Bids for that had to be £10,000 or more.”

She also wishes to thank John Badcock at Guildford Borough Council, who helped in securing the initial funding, although she says it was not quite enough to complete the makeover.

It is expected that the Travel SMART application will be successful and so the area’s makeover will hopefully be completed later this year.

It’s another good news community story of local people working in partnership with borough and county councils.

Travel SMART support worker Gloria Oham can be contacted on 07775 556772. Email:

Have you a similar good news community story from your part of Guildford? If so, do let us know at The Guildford Dragon NEWS.

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Responses to Makeover Is Looking Better To The Delight Of Residents

  1. Raineee Wornham Reply

    August 9, 2013 at 12:53 pm

    Thank you David another fantastic story.

  2. Fiona White Reply

    August 9, 2013 at 6:24 pm

    Congratulations to Rainee Wornham and Brian Holt who have campaigned for a long time to get that area cleaned up. It was a complete eyesore and looks so much better now. They are splendid role models for local people and show that getting involved really makes a difference.

  3. Brian Holt Reply

    August 9, 2013 at 10:05 pm

    Thank you David for your excellent article on our improvement to the grass area in Northway.

    I have known this area to be a eyesore for the last 60 years, so it gave both Raineee Wornham and myself
    great pleasure when we finished the planting on Sunday. What a difference it has made to the area already.

    I hope this helps to speed up our bid for the extra funding to finished the whole project.
    Thank you also to John Badcock GBC, Arthur King (Parks) GBC, for helping us both to get this flower bed finished.

  4. Raineee Wornham Reply

    August 10, 2013 at 5:43 pm

    I would like to offer my sincere apologies to Arthur for spelling his surname wrong so many times: i is fact Kinge not King. [Now changed in story. Ed]

    Also thank you Fiona for your lovely words and for helping us by supplying the funds for the amazing notice board of which I am so very proud.

    But the most thanks I must offer are to Tracy James (our local community safety warden). Without her help I truly believe we would have never got this close to the end of the project. Tracy truly is the hardest working and dedicated community safety warden this area has!

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