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Mallard Duck Family’s Unusual Nest Site Caught On Film

Published on: 18 Apr, 2015
Updated on: 24 Apr, 2015

Here’s a short film clip of what is fast becoming Guildford’s celebrity mallard duck family.

Click here to view.

The nest site by Guildford's Town bridge.

The nest site by Guildford’s Town bridge. How many ducklings can you count in the film clip?

Reader James Dix was on his way to work on Friday morning (April 17) and noticed this rather cute sight in the town centre

He says: “The semi-famous duck that lives in the old post in the river by the Town Bridge next to Debenhams has had ducklings. (Despite the cans and broken glass!)  It was drawing a lot of attention from passers by at lunch time.

Thanks to our regular birdwatching correspondent Malcolm Fincham who uploaded the clip on to You Tube for us here at the Guildford Dragon NEWS.

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Responses to Mallard Duck Family’s Unusual Nest Site Caught On Film

  1. Caroline Reeves Reply

    April 20, 2015 at 5:22 pm

    Where has the duck and her ducklings gone?

    No sign of them at 17.31 on Monday.

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