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Man With Knife Detained in Stoughton – Council Officers Assisted Police

Published on: 1 Nov, 2022
Updated on: 2 Nov, 2022

Stoughton Road Google Street View

By Martin Giles

A man was detained in Stoughton on Friday afternoon (October 29) having, according to a witness, threatened passing car drivers with a knife. The incident occured near the cemetery on the Stoughton Road.

According to the witness who wrote to The Dragon the man tried “to stop cars and was banging on their windows” when a Guildford Borough Council van pulled up.

The witness continued: “The driver of the van called for the man with a knife to come over but he was shouting, apparently making threats. I couldn’t hear clearly and was scared, so I quickly drove up the road and parked up to see what was going on.

“I got out of my car and I saw the driver of the van trying to reason with the man who was very angry.

“The driver got out. I saw he had a radio and a hi-vis vest, so thought it was a policeman but my wife said he looked like a traffic warden. I started to walk down the road as I thought I might be able to help, even though I was scared. The “traffic warden” was smiling and telling the man to get into the back of the van and help him put some cones out on the road the guy started to be really happy and wanted to help.

“Then there was another traffic warden who stepped away from the van while on his phone. I think he was phoning the police. The armed man went into a bungalow and the traffic warden ran in after him while his colleague ran over to the house, still on the phone, and waited outside.

“I could hear shouting in the house and, after a few seconds, the first traffic warden was holding the man bringing him out of the house. The police then arrived on sirens. Two officers slowly walked over and one cuffed the guy and an ambulance was called.”

Surrey Police has confirmed that an incident took place. A spokesperson said: “Police were called to Stoughton Road, Guildford at 1.47pm on Friday, October 29 following reports of a man in the road with a knife.

“Police were immediately deployed from Guildford Police Station to attend the incident. Police spoke with the man and determined he was in need of immediate care and he was therefore detained under the Mental Health Act.

“An ambulance was called while officers were on the scene. The man was handcuffed for his safety and the safety of the others around him whilst being detained. After liaising with the mental health team, the ambulance arrived and the man was taken to hospital.”

A spokesperson for Guildford Borough Council added: “We can confirm that two Guildford Borough Council Civil Enforcement Officers were involved with this incident. They were able to help the police resolve the issue.”


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