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National Highways Gives Progress Report on Junction 10 Project But Disruption Continues

Published on: 11 Mar, 2024
Updated on: 11 Mar, 2024

Massive “bridge-breaking” pincers positioned ready as National Highways prepare to remove and replace the bridge to west of junction 10.

By Chris Dick

National Highways gave an update today (March 11) on the forthcoming M25 Junction 10 closures.

The first closure will be from 9pm March 15 until 6am March 18. This will be the first time the motorway has been the subject of a planned closure since 1986.

Project manager Jonathan Wade being interviewed by Clare Cowan of BBC Radio Surrey

National Highways project manager Jonathan Wade explained that there would be five M25 and three A3 weekend closures in 2024. The closures will involve carriageway widening, bridge removal and replacement and new bridges and gantries.

Wade said that once work was completed traffic would flow more smoothly, often without the need to stop at the main roundabout. And, with the new bridges in place, walkers, cyclists and riders would be able to complete a five-kilometre circuit that linked all the common land.

Some members of the press group look out towards the bridge due to be removed.

Those attending the press briefing were taken by minibus to one of the bridges due to be taken down at the weekend just west of Junction 10.

Stacked timber ready to be laid out to protect the motorway surface during the bridge removal.

Driving through the normally inaccessible Wisley Common, the press group saw that more trees had been felled and land cleared. Our guide told us that the pine trees had been planted about 100 years ago and it was being returned to heathland, permitting regeneration of the heathers.

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Local business losing trade

But as well as delays and inconvenience to motorists in the short term there are detrimental effects.

Steve Bungay says business at his Ockham Bites cafe off Old Lane has suffered significantly.

Steve Bungay outside his cafe.

The cafe is so close to the site that it appears to be part of the works. Apart from one small advertising board on the A3 southbound slip road there are no signs to indicate to passing motorists that the cafe is there, still open for business.

Bungay told The Guildford Dragon NEWS that the council could fine him up to £2,000 if he placed a board on the roadside. He said: “For over 20 years, I have been the owner and operator of Ockham Bites. It is not just a business to me – it is my passion.

“The Junction 10 M25/ A3 project has had a major negative impact on my business and deterred customers from visiting. The noise, dust, and limited access have created an unattractive environment leading to a significant decrease in sales. I fear for the future of my business.

“I reached out to National Highways in the hopes of some form of support or compensation. Unfortunately, their response so far has been negative.

“I remain hopeful that once the road works are completed, customers will return and things will return to normal. But the reality is that this is still a long way off.”

A spokesperson for National Highways said: “During last autumn’s weekend closure of the A3, whilst we lifted the beams onto the new Wisley Bridge, we engaged with the owner of Ockham Bites to provide catering for the workforce throughout the weekend.

“Improvements are being made to improve signage. Any signage we do create and have on display is thoroughly thought through with wording and positioning being two key components.

“As part of this project, it is expected that National Highways will make significant improvements to [our] car parking area. These were not included in the original Development Consent Order (DCO), so it was necessary for us to obtain planning consent from Guildford Borough Council separately.

“Consent was granted for the car park improvements in August 2023 and the works are due to be carried out later this year. It is our intention to coordinate the car park works with the construction of the east-side approach to the new Cockcrow Green Bridge. These works are currently programmed to take place from June 2024 onwards and last approximately six months.”

Wisley & Ockham Parish Council and local MP Sir Paul Beresford were both invited to comment on what assistance might be available to this business.  Any comment received will be added.

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