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New Alzheimer’s Drug: Guildford Research Centre Had Major Part to Play

Published on: 18 Jul, 2023
Updated on: 18 Jul, 2023

By David Reading

A Guildford research clinic had a significant part to play in the development of the new drug donanemab, which is being hailed as a turning point in the fight against Alzheimer’s.

Although donanemab is not a cure, a global clinical trial showed that the drug slows cognitive decline in patients with early symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

Re:Cognition Health, a pioneering brain and mind clinic specialising in the delivery of clinical trials, has numerous centres including one at the Surrey Research Park, Guildford.

The unassuming entrance to Re:Cogniton Health in the Surrey Research Park, Guildford.

The trial included 1,736 people, 62 from the UK who all participated through Re:Cognition Health’s UK centres in London, Guildford and Birmingham.

 A statement from the company said: “The results show that donanemab slowed cognitive decline by 35 per cent compared to the placebo. Functional decline, relating to the ability to perform normal daily living such as activities managing finances, engaging in hobbies, conversing about current events and driving was reduced by 40 per cent, compared to the placebo.

“Nearly 50 per cent of participants had no clinical progression at 12 months and those at the earliest stage of the disease had the greatest benefit, showing a 60 per cent slowing of decline compared to the placebo.”

A treatment for Alzheimer’s is one of the holy grails of medical research.

Donanemab is what is known as a monoclonal antibody, which works by binding to the toxic Amyloid proteins, a pathological hallmark of Alzheimer’s, to clear them from the brain. 

The company’s statement said: “Amongst all participants, amyloid plaque was reduced on average by 84 per cent at 18 months, compared to a 1 per cent decrease for participants on placebo.”

Donanemab has yet to be assessed for NHS use and it has been stressed that the drug is only likely to be effective in patients with an early diagnosis.

Dr Emer MacSweeney, CEO and Medical Director at Re:Cognition Health and principal investigator for the trials, said: “We recognize the urgent need for new and innovative therapies to combat Alzheimer’s disease, and we are excited to contribute to the development of this potentially groundbreaking treatment.

As shown on Re:Cognition Health’s website

“The results of are hugely exciting and we are proud to be offering patients the opportunity to access more opportunities in clinical trials. With every study conducted, we are helping more people and taking greater steps to find a cure and potentially change the course of the disease for thousands of individuals affected by Alzheimer’s.”



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