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New Book Charts History of British Football Clubs in Europe

Published on: 10 Oct, 2023
Updated on: 10 Oct, 2023

By David Rose

Guildford resident Paul Avenell is passionate about football and has just had published a book that charts British football teams in European cup competitions.

The book is titled The Brits Are Coming: A History Of British Football Clubs In Europe.

Cover of Paul Avenell’s book The Brits Are Coming: A History Of British Football Clubs In Europe.

As well as of course containing facts and figures, Paul describes the action that took place is a very readable style.

He explains: “What I firmly believe is, I should have been is a football commentator or journalist.

“As a young boy in the front room of my parent’s council home, I would formulate my own football matches, using green toy British Eighth Army soldiers and German Africa Korps soldiers as my players; a small white Lego piece as my football.

“My imagination took flight; my games received their own personal commentary – and these forms of personalised football matches were so much more realistic than the finger-flicking Subbuteo football game that was in its heyday.

“In my teens I possessed a photographic memory, Sea vast knowledge of British and international football. It is this passion and knowledge that I hope to put into practice as I recall the successes and failures; the joyous moments and the disasters; the ‘heads in the sand’ attitude of British football, fortunately counteracted by the astute, open-to-all-ideas management and coaching staff, in particular at Liverpool FC.”

The Brits Are Coming: A History Of British Football Clubs In Europe is published by Tricorn Books of Portsmouth.

It can be bought direct from the publishers. For details, send an email to or phone 02393 430038.

It can also be bought on Amazon for £16.99. Click here for website.

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