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New Campaign To Rid Borough Of Dog Mess

Published on: 29 Jun, 2014
Updated on: 29 Jun, 2014

As part of a campaign to encourage dog owners to clear up after their pet, Guildford Borough Council’s dog warden is spray painting dog poo bright red in hot spots to highlight the problem. 

GBC LogoOnce the dog mess has been sprayed, dog warden Peter Burnage says generally there is a reduction in the amount of poo because dog walkers can see the impact it has on an area. The spraying also helps him identify the offenders. Residents have also reacted positively saying it makes the dog mess easier to see and avoid.

The sprayed dog poo is removed after a few days, if not cleaned up by the dog owner, and the paint washes away naturally after a few weeks. An accompanying ‘Clean it up’ stencil leaves a clear message which also washes away after a week or so.

The council says people can buy a Leash Pod (for dog mess) from its Woking Road Depot. For more information call 01483 444499. There are also many types of poop scoops available from supermarkets and pet stores. The most common type of poop scoop is a nappy sack, because they are cheap and easy to use.

Failure to clean up after your dog is an offence. If you are seen allowing your dog to foul and you don’t clean it up, you could be issued with a £50 fixed penalty notice.

The council adds that its main focus is on education, “but we do prosecute dog owners and will continue to do so. Dog poo carries diseases, ranging from flu-like symptoms to toxocariasis infection caused by roundworm parasites (toxocara). It is spread from animals to humans via their infected faeces and can lead to blindness”. 


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Responses to New Campaign To Rid Borough Of Dog Mess

  1. Brian Holt Reply

    June 30, 2014 at 8:50 pm

    Every night after closing time, residents backing on to Stoughton Rec, living in Worplesdon Road, let their dogs loose to do their business in the rec.

    The council fenced off the rec, but now residents are putting their own gates in the council fences, nearly every garden now has its own gates.

    Once the recreation ground is locked up at night, it is suppose to be shut, so these residents are trespassing and are not cleaning up behind their dogs. That is why there is so much dog poo in the rec every morning.

    Action is needed to stop residents using these gates that should never have been put in council fencing.

  2. Brian Holt Reply

    June 30, 2014 at 8:54 pm

    Also residents in Fentum Road and Northway are included.

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