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New Dragon Section: ‘The Shop Front’

Published on: 17 Oct, 2013
Updated on: 17 Oct, 2013

Shop front 3By Martin Giles

The retail business has always been important to Guildford. From its earliest time trading must have taken place in our market town, serving the surrounding area.

Today, it might not be the town’s economy biggest earner but it is still important and the reason that many, if not most, visit Guildford, adding to the town’s prosperity.

We know that there is a great deal of interest about the comings and goings of different shops to the town centre streets and we our starting a new section, ‘The Shop Front’ to report on these.

Maria Rayner, chief reporter on the The Shop Front

Maria Rayner, chief reporter on the The Shop Front

Our reporter Maria Rayner will be the chief reporter for the section and she hopes to get help from you. She was the reporter who got the scoop on Anthologie coming to the High Street.

Please do report to her any activity of note about Guildford shops.  Maria will also be interested in your views on the retail offering, for instance, does Guildford have the shops you want?

Of course, a town centre is not just about buying things, it acts a social hub, one reason perhaps that coffee shops have become so numerous and popular, so comments on this aspect will be welcome too.

And Maria is very aware of the importance of the various markets still reflecting the earliest trading that took place in Saxon times. She intends to also include their news.

Please read Maria’s new section and please remember the Guildford Dragon is here to allow you to have your say, through comments and letters. Do please contribute, they are your shops too.

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