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New Green Wheeled Bins Means You Can Help Recycle Even More Household Waste

Published on: 28 Aug, 2013
Updated on: 4 Sep, 2013

Green wheeled bin – ready for Guildford Borough Council’s new Recycling More service – are being delivered to residents. 

New green wheeled bins that have been delivered to households in Burpham and ready for use.

New green wheeled bins that have been delivered to households in Burpham wait ready for use.

Aimed at replacing the current green and purple boxes for cardboard, paper, plastic and glass, from Monday September 9, the new bins will be emptied every two weeks.

The council says that the new service means people will be able to recycle more; and it wiull also help to boost its recycling rate to its target of 70%.

Lead Councillor for Environment, Cllr Matt Furniss, said: “Recycling More is our new service to improve waste and recycling collections for residents. By providing an easy-to-use service we want to encourage more people to take part.

“Residents will be able to put all of the materials they currently recycle in their green and purple boxes into one wheeled bin – with no need to sort. The wheeled bin is also easier to move and the lid helps keep our streets clean by stopping litter blowing around.

“The new service will help us to meet a recycling target of 70% by 2015 – a big increase on the 52% we currently achieve – as well as provide annual savings of £500,000. We will also avoid potential capital costs of around £1.6 million, as the new service requires fewer vehicles than if we replaced the entire existing fleet.”

Food waste will continue to be collected every week, and refuse and small electrical items every fortnight, on alternate weeks to recycling collections. Textiles, batteries, and garden waste (from subscribers) with recycling collections will also be collected.

A calendar and an information leaflet together with the new green bin is being delivered to households. The calendar will show when the collections take place. Residents’ current collection day and week for refuse will stay the same.

People will also be able to request a different size bin, a second bin, a food waste caddy if they don’t have one, or tell the council if they don’t have room for another bin. The council says it will supply sacks if it has assessed a property and found it is not suitable for bins.

Once the new service starts the council will collect and recycle any old, unwanted green and purple boxes.

For more information on recycling, including how it is sorted and reused, visit

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