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New Model Railway Shop Opens In Guildford

Published on: 7 May, 2019
Updated on: 8 May, 2019

By Hugh Coakley

Selling models railways is no doubt a niche market.

But when you visit the Kernow Model Rail Centre, you get the feeling it is actually quite a big niche and that this is a going to be a very successful shop indeed.

The new branch of the Kernow Model Rail Centre in Stoke Road, Guildford.

Located where Pedal Pushers used to be in Stoke Road, it is run by Connor Trerise, who is only 18. He said: “I am very honoured to have been given this responsibility at my age.”

He is the son of Chris Trerise, the owner of the Kernow Model Rail Centre in Camborne in Cornwall and they have carefully planned the new shop in Guildford.

Connor started studying engineering but found he enjoyed the business side more. He said: “We have done a lot of research to make sure that this is the right place and that we can afford it.

All the people who work here are modellers. Rob Weatheritt, one of the four part-timers and Connor Trerise, who runs the new Kernow Model Rail Centre in Stoke Road, Guildford.

“Over 80% of our business is on-line but the in-store business is definitely growing. Having a shop grabs the attention of the modellers.

“All of the manufacturers have been very keen that we are opening up another shop; they all turned up for the opening.”

One customer from Farnborough, Martyn Marsh, said: “My first train set was my father’s and I virtually ran it into the ground.

“It’s about engineering, not about playing with trains. I love building the models. We used to have a model shop in Farnborough but it closed. It is good to have people who know what they are talking about.”

Close up of the amazingly realistic model in the window of the Kernow Model Rail Centre in Guildford.

All of the people who work in the shop are modellers. Rob Weatheritt, an ex-train driver and ex-army, is one of the four people who work at Kernow’s in Guildford. He laughed and said: “It’s a busman’s holiday for me here. You have to be interested in the stuff to work here.”

Ben Darnton, from Ben Collectors Records, is a model enthusiast himself. He said: “I opened my record shop up 20 minutes late on their opening day so I could be there. There used to be a model shop in Swan Lane and then Woodbridge Road but they both closed. I think that it’s great Kernow are here.”

Customer Martyn Marsh added: “Young people are getting into modelling through Thomas The Tank Engine and Lego which can be very realistic.”

With that thought in mind and seeing the youthful Connor Trerise, a modeller himself, running the new shop, things are on the up for modelling in Guildford.

Model railway in action in the window of the Kernow Model Rail Centre in Guildford.

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