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News From The Guildford Table Tennis Association November 2022

Published on: 15 Nov, 2022
Updated on: 15 Nov, 2022

Report by Steve Day

October saw a full month of fixtures and therefore the tables now represents a more realistic picture of the state of play.

In addition to the regular league matches, there was plenty of other activity in terms of both local teams and individual players. 

The GTTA Junior League, run by Adam Laws, also kicked off with the first three rounds completed during the month.

A dominant Team Bananas will now play against Merrow Marlins for the Apertura title with Robert Martin and Alexis Solomonides representing the former and the Faulkner brothers, Nathan and Evan, playing for Merrow.

As well as playing in the GTTA league, coaching and running the junior competition, Adam also found time to run and play in the Surrey Closed Tournament at the Graham Spicer Club in New Malden.

After beating Burymead’s Daniel Heo in the quarter-finals of the senior competition, he lost to former England international, Darius Knight, in the semis.

Merrow’s Steve Davis retained his over 60s title beating Michael Silver in the final and Aftermath’s Dianne McLellan just lost out to Carmen Vajdi in the final of the Women’s over 40s.

Turning to the league, this month we start with Division Three, where Emmanuel retained their lead at the top with a total of 23 points from playing four matches.

Close behind is Bramley D with 22 points, although they have played a game more than the leaders.

Lurking just behind the top teams is Bramley C with 20 points from just three matches.

Angela and Peter Coventry.

This team is made up of the Coventrys, Angela and Peter, both with averages of 77.78%, and Mark Lockyer, who is currently unbeaten.

Stephen Schofield continues to lead the way for Emmanuel winning 11 out of 12 of his games, ably supported by John Upham, who has lost only two of his games. Godalming H prop up the division with just 9 points from four matches. 

James Wyncoll.

Ash strengthened their position at the top of Division Two having won five of the six games they have played to accrue 39 points. Hudson Foley, Vasco Correia and James Wyncoll make up the team.

Bramley B are in second place, closely followed by Godalming F with 27 and 26 points, respectively. 

October saw Challoner A takeover at the top of Division One with 27 points from four matches. They remain unbeaten!

Dave Halfpenny.

Merrow D follow closely with 25 points. Crispian Knight of Challoner and Dave Halfpenny of Merrow have 100% records.

Just four points cover the other six teams in the division, Aftermath B being bottom with 18 points five matches.

Merrow B with 33 points from six matches, top the Premier Division followed by Burymead A with 30 points from the same number of matches.

Third is Merrow A with 26 points and a game in hand. Godalming B team is rooted at the bottom.

Max Flint.

As at the end of October, Adam Laws and Phil Snelson remain unbeaten but the one to watch is Merrow’s Max Flint who has won 16 out of the 18 games played, only losing to Adam and the artful, John Robinson.

And finally, Division Four! Challoner B and Merrow G remain joint top of this division with 23 points apiece. Challoner’s Christopher Ray and Merrow’s Max Swindells are still unbeaten.

Godalming J are last, but to be fair they have only played three matches.

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