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North Street and Market Street Re-surfacing Project Due for Completion Next Year

Published on: 29 Oct, 2013
Updated on: 31 Oct, 2013
Market St Project 2 475

New block paving forms a smooth surface in Market Street.

The project to resurface the south side of North Street and Market Street is now well underway. Progress is slow but sure to minimise disruption.

A council spokesperson said: The work on repaving Market Street and North Street is phase 2 of the North Street environmental improvements. It is being carried out by Surrey County Council and supported by Guildford Borough Council (GBC).

North St Project 475

North Street. New steps and surfaces to make it safer and better for traders, pedestrians and drivers.

“The parking area and steps on North Street are being constructed and will be finished in early 2014. There is an embargo on highway work from 1 December to 6 January to avoid disruption to Christmas and New Year traffic and so work will be suspended for this period.

“Phase 2 includes reconstruction of the steps, repaving of the footpath, installation of benches, replacement street furniture and resurfacing of the parking area and market pitches.

“Construction has been done in coordination with market traders so that the market can remain open and function as near to normal as possible.”

Some project cost are being met from Section 106 contributions, money paid by developers to offset the impact of certain developments within the borough, nearby.

The GBC spokesperson added: “We do not yet have a final cost as this will depend on costings from Surrey County Council.”

Cllr Caroline Reeves (Lib Dem Friary & St Nicolas) commented: “I am very pleased that this work is now underway. For as long as I have lived in Guildford people have complained about the safety of the steps down to the market, so it’s rather frustrating that some people are now complaining about the work that is, at last, in progress.

“This is a difficult project to manage; a complicated site dealing with so many changes in levels in all directions, while also allowing the market to continue to function, and leave spaces for drivers to park. Once finished this will be a major improvement to the whole area.

“The planters and seating at the top and bottom of the street installed earlier this year have worked well, and the new paving, steps and street furniture will transform what was a very neglected street.

Bill Stokoe, chairman of the Guildford Society said: “It’s great to see work being carried out that improves the pedestrian experience. As the county town and regional hub, Guildford really should have first-rate pavements and pedestrian routes, at the very least in the town centre. The aesthetics are important, too, and shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to materials choice.”

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Responses to North Street and Market Street Re-surfacing Project Due for Completion Next Year

  1. Name and address supplied Reply

    October 30, 2013 at 1:15 am

    In my opinion Market Street now looks very drab, totally grey, whereas the former terracotta/brown paviers looked so attractive when they were originally laid and intact.

    I think it was John Davey, former environmental planning officer, who designed the refurbishment of the lanes or gates, which are an integral part of the conservation area. It is hard to believe any thought of design has been applied to the current scheme. It could not be less appealing.

    When the part of North Street which crosses Swan Lane was being re-laid earlier in the year, the paviers which extended out from Swan Lane were being dug up. I asked the workman what was to happen to them. I was told they would be stored at the depot in Merrow. This re-assured me they would be available for the re-furbishment of the lanes/gates where tarmacadam had been used as infill.

    It now seems obvious that there was no such plan. I imagine Swan Lane will have the same treatment as Market Street. Apart from the resultant appearance, it seems an appalling waste of money and materials. We are constantly urged to re-cycle, but SCC could not be bothered to do so.

    One can hardly comment on North Street itself when only the new steps are in situ, and then not completely, but I presume the yellowish paving slabs laid by the library, will be used for the pavement above them. Even these would have been preferable in the lanes.

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