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Notice: Storyteller Writes New Children’s Book ‘Surrey Hills Superheroes’

Published on: 22 Nov, 2022
Updated on: 22 Nov, 2022

Local author and storyteller Steve Markwell said he wants people to “discover the magic of the Surrey Hills, breathe deeply, and find your inner Superhero”, and he has written a children’s story book, Surrey Hills Superheroes, to help do just that.

The Green Man in Surrey Hills Superheroes.

It is his first book and Steve says the themes are simple. He wants: “More people to visit the Surrey Hills, enjoy the stunning scenic beauty and vibrant towns and villages.”

At the same time, he wants to ensure the beauty of the Surrey Hills is preserved for all who visit, live and work in the area.

In the book, Steve and local illustrator Cathy Coleman have combined to create a series of stories set in the hills.

These are no ordinary stories says Steve. “They feature amazing characters. Figures of legend like the Green Man. Goddesses from history like Vesta. Animals with magical powers like Surrey Puma Cats, and Grace the Dragon.

“There are also humans who show courage and determination. These characters all love the magic of the hills and all battle against the forces who would damage the beauty.”

Steve said the book is aimed at everyone who lives in the Surrey Hills area and anyone who plans to visit.

“He added: “Children certainly appreciate the stories. There are some stories that are younger, but most appeal to six- to 13-year-olds. I have found that grandparents who enjoy reading stories to and with their grandchildren are particular fans of my work.”

He has tested the tales at storytelling sessions across Surrey. Steve said: “It wasn’t only children who appreciated the stories. Adults liked them too. The story about Eleanor the Invisible, and another about Surrey Puma Cats set in Guildford Castle Grounds, were particular favourites.”

The book, printed by Vantage Publishing, is available now, in time for for Christmas. You can buy it at Ben’s Collectors Records in Tunsgate, or in Solar Sisters in North Street. It is also available in Godalming at The Yard, and in Epsom Library.

But you can also email the author himself on and he will send you an order form.

If you want to hear Steve tell the tales himself, he is at Solar Sisters on Sunday, November 27. He is doing two sessions at 11.30am and then at noon. Just turn up.

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