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Onslow Residents’ Association’s Open Meeting Over Fears GP Surgery May Close

Published on: 6 Sep, 2022
Updated on: 8 Sep, 2022

Onslow Village Residents’ Association is hosting an open meeting on Tuesday, September 13 to hear details about the proposed restructuring of the Guildown and Woodbridge Hill GP practices.

The association is concerned the restructuring may lead to the loss of the Wodeland Avenue surgery, which is off Farnham Road, close to Onslow Village.

A flyer being distributed by the association inviting people to the meeting at Onslow Village Hall next Tuesday at 7.30pm, gives details, while notes that as part of the proposed restructure the GP practices will “need to reorganise their sites and a number of proposals are being considered”.

These include: consolidating on a single surgery at Park Barn; consolidating with two surgeries, one main in Park Barn and the other close to the Jarvis Centre in Stoughton; consolidating into one or two main sites and additionally maintaining the Wodeland Avenue site; and consolidating into one or two main sites and finding another site (as yet determined) in south-west Guildford.

The association writes in its flyer: “For a number of reasons the first two options seem to be the most likely to be adopted, although no final decision has been taken at this time.

“The potential loss of Wodeland [surgery] is a major concern. Its loss would mean that there would be no GP surgery in Guildford west of the Wey and south of the A3. For many this will be no hardship, but for a significant minority, such as those who have mobility issues or whatever reason do not have access to a car or cannot drive, this will be a real hardship.”

The meeting will include presentations of the proposed restructure from the Surrey Heartlands Integrated Care Board (formerly known as a clinical commissioning group).

They will also listen to comments, feedback and ideas from those from the public attending the meeting.

All welcome to attend.

Click here for Onslow Village Residents’ Association’s website.

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