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Onslow Village Celebrates Its Centenary And Refurbished Jubilee Garden

Published on: 26 Sep, 2021
Updated on: 26 Sep, 2021

A year later than planned, due to the pandemic, Onslow Village has celebrated its centenary.

Residents of Onslow Village gather to celebrate its centenary of the refurbishment of its jubilee garden.

The landmark event was celebrated in style on Sunday, September 19, at the conclusion of a project to refurbish its jubilee garden.

A reception was held in the village hall prior to the formal re-opening of the garden and to celebrate the centenary of the building of the first houses.

Lord Onslow (right) cuts the ribbon to officially re-open the jubilee garden. With him is the Deputy Mayor of Guildford, Dennis Booth.

Attending were Lord and Lady Onslow, and the Deputy Mayor and Mayoress of Guildford, Dennis and Mary Booth, who joined many of the residents.

Adrian Chandler welcomed the visitors on behalf of the Onslow Village Residents’ Association.

Lord Onslow gave an informative outline of his family’s long association with Surrey. This included amusing references to Sir Richard Onslow (1601-1664), who was known as the Red Fox of Surrey, and Oliver Cromwell’s opinion of him; as well as the origins of the Onslow Village project in the drive to provide ‘homes fit for heroes’ following the First World War.

He concluded by expressing his interest in the garden project that was inspired and led by Angela Joule, a local resident of long standing.

The jubilee garden in Onslow Village that has had a generous makeover.

The garden was created in 1977 to celebrate the Queen’s silver jubilee and was in need of some tender loving care, as Angela explained.

She had suggested the residents’ association adopt it as a project and as a belated commemoration of the centenary of Onslow Village.

Pictured from right: Lord and Lady Onslow, and the Deputy Mayor of Guildford, Dennis Booth.

The undertaking was much more involved and extensive than Angela imagined. But with the willing help of many local businesses, council representatives and the time and effort of volunteers, the garden refurbishment is now complete.

The Deputy Mayor and Guildford, Dennis Booth, cuts the cake, pictured with his wife Mary, the Deputy Mayor.

The Deputy Mayor was invited to cut a splendid cake emblazoned with the village emblem, made by Kim Briggs, the wife of the chairman of the residents’ association.

The cake, together with a glass of champagne, was enjoyed by all present.

A display in the hall showed the work on the jubilee garden refurbishment. Another display showed many of the activities and amenities in Onslow Village and an archive display showed the history of the village from it initial construction in 1920.

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