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Opinion: Guildford Greenbelt Group ‘Consistently Punch Above Our Weight’

Published on: 20 Apr, 2023
Updated on: 23 Apr, 2023

This week, The Dragon will be publishing an opinion piece from each of the parties with seats at Guildford Borough Council and who have candidates in the elections on May 4.

As always, our intention is to give our readers the best opportunity to hear the views and the ideas from the candidates and the parties.

Ramsey Nagaty, leader of the Guildford Greenbelt Group in Guildford Borough Council and candidate for the Shalford ward, writes:

The Guildford Greenbelt Party ( GGG ) are a local party concerned with local issues that affect Guildford residents in the villages, countryside and town.

Ramsey Nagaty says GGG “consistently punch above our weight”.

GGG’s current councillors provide a much needed balance within the council and have worked diligently to hold Guildford Borough Council to account on key issues affecting residents and the borough, such as planning and the environment.

We consistently punch above our weight and have achieved notable gains for our communities.

GGG believe that development should be sustainable and that the overall impact should be measured and bring benefits to the borough: “the right homes in the right places”.

Brownfield-first and infrastructure-first policies should be respected not circumnavigated.

Good development in the town that respects Guildford character and views will help regenerate the town and avoid being car-dependent. We would seek to avoid urbanisation of our villages.

GGG believe the impact of change in our environment and natural world (climate change and biodiversity) should be at the core of all developments and Guildford Borough Council decisions.

We seek a better more sustainable Local Plan with a full and robust review. This is what our full council motion called for, passed by Guildford Borough Council.

GGG succeeded in getting the Office for Statistical Regulation to confirm the population figures and hence housing-need projections are overstated for Guildford. This should enable a better Local Plan and re-allocation of housing to more sustainable locations with adequate infrastructure (schools, roads, public transport, water, electricity, medical services).

The Guildford Greenbelt Group’s key objective will be to ensure the review of the Local Plan is robust, meaningful and produces a plan that is better and more acceptable.

Before and after images of the M25 Junction 10 scheme. The Guildford Greenbelt Group are concerned at the loss of mature trees at Wisley A3 / J10 M25 and seek to protect Guildford from further devastation.

My party colleague Cllr Susan Parker is currently the vice chair of the Surrey Hills AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) board and Ramsey Nagaty is the GBC representative on the Surrey Hills Partnership Board which has an overseeing role for that board.

We have both worked for extension of the AONB around Guildford in the current Natural England boundary review which will extend the AONB boundaries.

GGG are working with parish councils and Surrey County Council’s highways division to reduce traffic speed through the villages and are pressing for a better, more comprehensive and cheaper Park & Rides.

GGG were behind the designation of the first Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) in Compton and worked for the second AQMA at Shalford being declared. We strive to minimise additional traffic through these designated areas. GGG are working for better air and water quality.

We want safer, joined up cycle ways to encourage modal shift.

The Guildford Greenbelt Group is a local party and believe there is no place for national politics in local government.

GBC policy should be decided by councillors with the best interests of residents at the centre of all decision making. We believe councillors should decide policy and scrutinise council officers to ensure that policy is carried out promptly efficiently and democratically.

The Guildford Greenbelt Group will work and co-operate with like-minded councillors for the benefit of residents.

We will work for a better, safer and greener Guildford.

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Responses to Opinion: Guildford Greenbelt Group ‘Consistently Punch Above Our Weight’

  1. Harry Eve Reply

    April 21, 2023 at 8:28 am

    It is clear that GGG is the party speaking truth to power. If we are to achieve, and maintain, a healthier environment for Guildfordians; if we are to save our wildlife from destruction to satisfy greed; if we are to hold those in authority to account (especially those following national party diktat), then we need to elect GGG councillors wherever we are fortunate to have them as candidates.

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