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Opinion: For the Sake of Generations To Come Vote Leave

Published on: 21 Jun, 2016
Updated on: 21 Jun, 2016
Cllr Christian Holliday

Cllr Christian Holliday

By Christian Holliday

Conservative ward councillor for Burpham

This is the final article, in a series of five, setting out Christian’s personal views on the EU referendum debate. They are written in response to Nils Christiansen’s articles who gives his views on why we should Remain. Christian’s previous articles can be found here.

As we approach referendum day, it is clear that the Brexit debate has energised other countries in the EU to consider their own relationship with the European Union.

All is not well. Britain is not alone is rejecting the federalist agenda. Across Europe people are waking up to the undemocratic, unaccountable nature of the EU and its stifling ways.

EU & UK FlagsIt is true the UK traditionally pushed for a larger European Union, primarily as a means to prevent deeper integration.  The more members, the harder it would be for them to agree on further integration, right?

Unfortunately, we under-estimated the political will at the centre to drive the project forward to its ultimate conclusion. For a long time the launch of a European single currency seemed impractical, impossible even, but now it is here.

Opinion Logo 2Salami-slice by salami-slice, year after year “ever closer union” is a reality.  Nothing can be allowed to stand in its way, hence the enormous and dangerous level of disconnect between the EU and the peoples of Europe that now exists, and the inevitable rise of extremist groups that follows such a disconnect.

If something does not enjoy the support of the people, it will fail. The omens for the EU are not good.

Many people want a European Union, but not this European Union. They wish it was different.  But unfortunately, there is no other European Union on offer.

Reform has been talked about for decades, but none comes. The last chance for reform was during the passing of the Lisbon Treaty. Alas, the British Foreign Secretary at the time, David Miliband said now is not the time for major reform.

So when is? The UK, the second largest contributor to the EU budget, is potentially about to walk out the door, and yet again no real reform came.  It is simply not on the agenda.

One of the most puzzling arguments for staying in the EU is that it benefits younger people.  In fact,  the group hardest hit by EU membership is young people.  In this country young people must fight it out with migrants from Eastern Europe for starter jobs and housing.

In Greece and Spain youth unemployment rates are shockingly high, those countries being on the receiving end of austerity measures designed to save the Euro at all costs, even unbearable human cost.

In the longer term, as every continent in the world grows faster than Europe those same young people will find it difficult to compete locally, let alone in a global market place.

As the EU begins to unravel, Britain will assume her traditional role of off-shore safe haven. But we can only be truly safe outside the EU.

A vote to remain is dangerous. To regain democratic control of our country, we must vote Leave. To regain control of our borders so that we can decide who comes here and on what terms, we must vote Leave.

To free our economy to trade with the fastest growing parts of the world, we must vote Leave.  To give young people a fighting chance for work and housing, we must vote Leave. To give a lead to other EU nations, we must vote Leave.

For the sake of generations to come, we must vote Leave on June 23rd.

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  1. Stuart Barnes Reply

    June 24, 2016 at 5:12 am

    Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice!

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