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Peace Party Changes Name To 483 Group

Published on: 14 Oct, 2021
Updated on: 14 Oct, 2021

By Hugh Coakley

Guildford-based The Peace Party is changing its name to the 483 Group, the number of people who voted for it in the last general election.

John Morris, the doughty campaigner for peace, said he had a “bit of a twinkle in my eye” when he came up with the idea.

He said he wanted to move away from the old Peace Party name to “something different, a bit special, to attract people”.

John Morris

To launch the new name, he is holding a meeting on Tuesday, October 19, at 7.30pm in the Boileroom, 13 Stoke Fields GU1 4LS.

Always apparently undaunted by the numbers who vote for him, he said after the last election he was delighted to have reached “nearly 500 people”.

He has campaigned in every general election in the Guildford constituency since 1997, in three European parliamentary elections and for numerous council seats.

The general election result in 2019 of 483 votes was “best result” since being established in 1997.

John said he was mindful he wanted to “pass the baton on” at some stage. He said he wants to “connect with some of the supporters who have an idealistic view of peace”.

He is hoping those attending will help draft the new peace manifesto for the next general and local elections.

John Morris of The Peace Party talking to shoppers in Cranleigh in 2019 when he got his “best ever results” of 483 votes..

One of The Peace Party supporters said: “We see around us, and on our screens, so much that annoys and upsets us, yet none of the other politicians seems to care enough about putting things to rights.

“Peace and security come from ensuring no one needs to live in poverty, or be without a home. People need to feel that they matter.”

John Morris will be joined at the meeting by Jim Duggan, The Peace Party campaigner in Horsham.

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Responses to Peace Party Changes Name To 483 Group

  1. Sally Parrott Reply

    October 26, 2021 at 9:20 am

    I so admire John Morris, constantly rooting for peace.

    War affects us all adversely, causing death, misery and refugees in war zones and poisoning and impoverishing our world. No sooner have we left Afghanistan than we’re allying with the US and Australia to point nuclear missiles from submarines at China.

    My general election votes go (in vain) to the less warmongering parties, but with a fairer election system such as transferable voting, I believe many more people would, like me, “give ‘Peace/483 Group’ a chance”.

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