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Photo Feature: Castle Grounds in Their Spring Glory

Published on: 24 Apr, 2022
Updated on: 27 Apr, 2022

The Castle Grounds is not a secret garden but many residents of the borough remain unfamiliar with its beautiful floral displays.

By Martin Giles

The Castle Grounds are once again proving to be the jewel in Guildford’s parks and garden crown this weekend (April 23/24). Visitors from near and far are taking advantage of the sunny weather to enjoy them at their spring height.

Spotted among the numerous visitors was one of the borough councillors for Burpham, Ted Mayne. He agreed that the gardens were looking spectacular adding it was “all thanks to the council”. Certainly, GBC’s Parks Department is maintaining its high standard.

A family, originally from India, had their parents visiting. They too were full of admiration. Was it was the first-time visitor-grandfather expected of England. “Yes”, he said simply. A satisfied customer, it seemed.

Big Mouth Guildford (aka Stuart Alexander) was also present, showing off the gardens to some Dutch visitors, still impressed with tulips even if they are not from Amsterdam.

But the spring flowers will not last forever, so if you want to see them at their best better hurry along.

The tulips are at their height at the moment. Click on any image to enlarge. Photo Fiona Giles

And the multi-shaded, multi-textured Great Tower of Guildford Castle always gives a great setting for the floral displays.

The circular bed with, in the background some of the surviving ruins of the royal palace that once existed here and where Edward I is once thought to have played with his “court” of boy peers.

This photo gives a false impression of the number of visitors. Actually, they were numerous. The grounds have around 400,000 visitors annually.

Pink forget-me-nots in the foreground and wallflowers behind.

A close up of the forget-me-nots with pink and blue flowers apparently on the same stem. Photo Fiona Giles

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