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Photo Feature: Extinction Rebellion Bus Comes To Guildford

Published on: 19 Oct, 2022
Updated on: 21 Oct, 2022

By Hugh Coakley

Extinction Rebellion’s (XR) tour bus, one of a fleet of three aiming to reach all parts of the UK over the next month, came to Guildford High Street today (Tuesday, October 18) and was welcomed by XR supporters from Guildford and Godalming.

Extinction Rebellion tour bus in Guildford High Street on Tuesday, October 18.

The Meet The Rebellion tour bus came complete with a travelling ukele band, bus driver and conductor. They said they wanted “to inspire our communities that Citizens’ Assemblies is the way forward and to work towards 100,000 people joining us in April 2023”.

About 15 XR supporters set up a pop-up stand at the bottom of the High Street to talk to passers by, generally receiving a positive response.

The Extinction Rebellion tour bus calling for a change to the system of decision making in the UK.

One busy shopper said: “It’s good to raise awareness”. Another person walking towards the station said: “We’ve got to do something”.

Guildford resident Ella Sullivan said the government are not making it “accessible” for people to be eco-friendly.

Guildford resident Ella Sullivan said: “It’s important to talk to people about the state of the environment. The government are not making it easy for us, it’s putting it all on us, it should be accessible to us to be eco friendly.”

Some of the XR supporters from Guildford and Goldalming who welcomed the tour bus at a pop up stand at the bottom of the High Street.

Whilst there were no negative comments from people in the hour I was there, three university students appeared to be less concerned or even aware about climate crisis protests with two saying about XR: “I’ve never heard of them”. Their colleague said: “I think they are into saving bees and hippos and stuff. It’s pretty mellow, they are not doing any harm.”

From the left, Leon from Northern Ireland, mechanic and tech on the XR tour bus, Alex waters, bus conductor and Paul Raithby from Bath, bus driver.

Alex Waters, XR activist and the bus conductor, said: “Wherever I go, people are saying that our politicians are failing us. The reception we get has been overwhelmingly positive.

“We are about democracy and trusting the people. What we have is not democratic and we should be using Citizens’ Assemblies. We are going out to communities and listening about people’s concerns.

Straw poll taken on the tour about people’s reactions to climate change show peole are becoming more concerned.

“The tour has been going for about four weeks, so far in the South West, Wales and Northern Ireland. People have been worried abour the climate crisis, paying their bills and they don’t think the government is doing enough to address these issues.”

“Covid slowed our momentum but the energy in the movement is back again now. The effects of the climate crisis is coming closer and people are becoming more active.”

Ukulele band, Lost and Found, seranaded passers by with protest songs.

Asked about the bus fuel, Alex said: “It is a diesel fuelled bus. We would like it to more green but we don’t have the money. It’s a toxic society. We need a system change.”

Clive Teague, one of the organisers of the Meet The Rebellion Tour Bus event here, said it was great to have the tour bus in Guildford.

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Responses to Photo Feature: Extinction Rebellion Bus Comes To Guildford

  1. John Lomas Reply

    October 19, 2022 at 6:14 pm

    I wonder what the emissions are from a Volvo 12,000cc Diesel which is 17-years-old. I have to wonder also about the MoT status of this vehicle as the DVLA website shows it as “No Details Held By DVLA”.

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