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Photo Feature: The Knife Angel at the Cathedral ‘Every Knife Could be a Tragedy’

Published on: 19 Mar, 2023
Updated on: 20 Mar, 2023

By Hugh Coakley

The Knife Angel sculpture, dominating the approach to Guildford Cathedral during March 2023, has been been drawing visitors across the region and has proved moving and emotional.

Sadness was a common reaction to the 20 foot tall statue made from 100,000 knifes “removed from UK streets”.

Against a sombre March sky, the Knife Angel was felt to be “taking the horror of knife crime into its own hands” said one young Guildford resident.

Pointing out the variety of knifes, Nicki Hearnshaw from Farnham whe came with her daughter, Leon1 said: “All the colours, they look like toys, pastel blues, baby pinks. But every knife could be a tragedy”

Leoni said: “Amazing, really powerful. The shear volume of knives is astonishing. I love the idea, the purpose. Every venue has to commit to an ongoing programme of raising awareness”.

The sorrowful Knife Angel lit at night.

There was a steady stream of people coming to see the sculpture. Individuals, couples and families all made the pilgrimage to see the dramatic colossus symmetrically placed against the monumental cathedral in the background.

The Knife Angel standing guard through the night.

“Amazing, the amount and size of some of the knives” said Graham Murton, who travelled from near Winchester to see the Knife Angel.

Mother and daughter, Nicki and Leoni Hearnshaw from Farnham. “Every knife could be a tragedy.”

Two young men from Brookwood said: “It makes me more aware, it’s a bit sad”.

The wings of the Knife Angel are made from large knifes and machetes.

“It a beautiful price of work, the underlying message is one of sadness,” said Paul from Guildford.

The father of a family from Hook said: “It’s so sad. It just shows how common knife crime is”.

Many of the huge knifes and machetes have inscriptions, not all were clear but were obviously heartfelt. One reads: “Thank you Anthony Lambert for saving my life,  Forget Me Not became my new found strength. Jamie Healy”.

You can follow the progress of the Knife Angel around the country on the website here.

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