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A Pint of Science and Two Packets of Crisps Please

Published on: 13 May, 2017
Updated on: 13 May, 2017

Jim Al-Khalili at the University of Surrey

One only has to consider a smart phone to release that scientific advances can affect our lives hugely and for curious minds finding out more of the science that shapes our world is always fascinating.

Next week there is an opportunity. Guildford’s branch of the Pint of Science festival will take place in three local pubs on three consecutive evenings, and will include TV presenter Jim Al-Khalili, the University of Surrey Chair of Public Engagement.

Running from Monday to Wednesday, 15-17 May (2017), the events will see University of Surrey academics deliver thought-provoking short talks on the latest scientific research and breakthroughs at a level everyone can enjoy.

Pint of Science Guildford will welcome listeners at The Legion, Millbrook, GU1 3YA; Ye Olde Ship Inn, Portsmouth Rd, St Catherine’s Village, GU2 4EB; and The Star at 2 Quarry St, GU1 3TY, on all three nights from 7pm-9.30pm.

The topics in the festival as a whole will cover virtual reality, the origins of the universe, to natural disasters. The events will let the public engage with leading researchers and academics to discuss the latest scientific research.

One of the most popular events is “Just Enough Doctorate To Perform” (JEDTOP) where scientists, engineers and academics talk about their area of expertise, and then join in comedy improvisation on the science discussion.

Jim Al-Khalili said: “I’m really looking forward to taking part in this year’s Pint of Science, including the JEDTOP Improv event, and making everyone feel as welcome as always.

Whether you’re into finding out more about climate change, mental health, or the extinction of the dinosaurs, there’s a subject to interest you.

“These topics affect us all: for example, robo-therapy is a particularly exciting area of cutting-edge research, as we look at medical advances such as remote-controlled endoscopic pill-cameras and robotic prosthetic devices.

“Or if you’re interested in natural science, we are also looking into environmental events such as earthquakes and storms. Our guests can join in Q&As, interactive games and win prizes – and possibly, as at a Birmingham event, be served crisps from robot hosts!”

In the past two years, the non-profit Pint of Science has hosted over 500 events in over 50 cities across nine countries, including Canada and South Africa.

For more information, please visit: or:

The Pint of Science festival will explore themes in both Guildford and as a whole including: “Beautiful Mind” covering neuroscience, psychology and psychiatry; “Atoms to Galaxies” on physics, chemistry, maths, and astronomy; and “Our Body” on medicine, human biology, and health. Other topics will include: “Planet Earth” looking at geosciences, plant sciences, and zoology; “Tech Me Out” involving biotechnology, robotics, and computers; “Our Society” considering law, history, politics, policy, and languages; and “Creative Reactions” where art and science come together.

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