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Police Discover CCTV Images Of A Suspect Intruder

Published on: 11 Jul, 2017
Updated on: 13 Jul, 2017

CCTV image of the man who the police wish to identify

Surrey police have identified  CCTV images of a man they believe to be the suspect intruder who awoke a 47-year-old woman awoke the night of 24 April this year (2017) in her home in Farncombe.

Earlier that evening the woman had been walking home at around 10pm when a man stopped and asked her if she had dropped her phone. She hadn’t. Although she sensed that he was following her she got home with no further contact from him.

But, having gone to sleep, she awoke a short time later to find the man in her bedroom. She told him to get out and he left without causing a scene and when she checked nothing had been stolen.

It is believed he entered the ground floor flat through the bedroom window which may have been left ajar.

The man is described as white, medium build, average height with cropped dark hair.  He was wearing a hooded top and jeans which looked like they had paint on them.

The images were captured in St John’s Street, Farncombe

The police investigation has identified CCTV images of the person they believe to be the suspect when he was in St John’s Street, Farncombe at approximately 10.30pm on the night of the 24 April.

Police are not aware of any similar incidents but would like to hear from anyone who either recognises the man or who has concerns about any other suspicious activity in the area.

A police spokesperson said: “Were you in the area that evening or can you help us identify him? If so please call 101 and quote reference 45170042423.”

Detective Sergeant James Ansell said: “The information you hold may seem irrelevant but could be vital to our investigations. This is extremely disturbing behaviour and we need track down this man and speak to him.

“If you have any information about who he is, you have seen someone that you think may be him or you were in the area that evening please do contact us.”

“In this hot weather it can be tempting to have every window open, however, it is particularly important that ground floor windows are not left unlatched. We know criminals are often opportunistic and that this simple measure can help deter them.”

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