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Pupils Make Film Of The Nativity Through Song And Dance

Published on: 15 Dec, 2020
Updated on: 13 Dec, 2020

Pupils at Guildford’s St Nicolas Infant School have been making a film retelling the birth of Jesus through song.

This and the following two pictures show St Nicolas Infant School pupils in the costumes making a film telling the story of the birth of Jesus.

The school reports: “We have been filming, with the children in their school ‘bubbles’, to make a 2020 Christmas chart show film.

“The acts (all characters from the Nativity) come on with their bands and sing about their role in the story. Each class has also prepared dances which will be performed to end the show.”

Comments from some of the pupils include: “It’s very exciting because other people can watch us on a screen. It feels nice when you’re filming because it’s like you’re a pop star or a famous person.”

“I enjoy it because there’s lots of acting and also it’s quite fun because we do lots of songs and they’re really nice.”

“I think it is a good idea because it’s really Christmassy and at Christmas I like to sit on the sofa and watch a Christmas film. So, I think it’s a good idea because our grown-ups can watch our film and Christmas can still be fun. It’s also fun to wear costumes and without our film it just wouldn’t be as Christmassy as it could be.”

“I’m really enjoying our film because it’s very fun and we get to pretend to be the characters and dress up. It’s quite exciting being filmed!”

The school’s outdoor Christmas tree.

The pupils have also been busy and have decorated an outdoor Christmas tree at the school and another on display Guildford United Reformed Church in Portsmouth Road, that is close to the school. All with decorations made by the children.

The Christmas tree decorated by pupils on display at Guildford United Reformed Church.

The school adds: “We have focused on decorating outside our school so our families can also enjoy the festive feel while they can’t come into the building.

“In such a difficult time, we are delighted that we are still able to provide our children and families with some festive joy and we want to spread this throughout our community!”

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