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Reebok Fithub – Sports Shop With A Difference

Published on: 23 Jan, 2014
Updated on: 23 Jan, 2014

By Maria Rayner

Too many women’s clothes stores and coffee shops? Whenever The Guildford Dragon NEWS goes out into town to ask people what they think of shops in Guildford town centre this is often the response. But a sports shop with a difference may make these (mostly male) disgruntled shoppers take notice.

The Reebok Fithub store in Guildford High Street.

The Reebok Fithub store in Guildford High Street.

Reebok Fithub moved into part of the unit in the High Street formerly occupied by River Island just before Christmas. Step inside and the ground floor has the usual colourful array of trainers and day-glo jackets, upstairs there is more sports wear laid out on familiar-looking tables and hanging rails. The floor is rubber with markings rather like a primary school playground, but this isn’t just styling.

“All of the clothes rails and other furniture is on wheels,” assistant manager Hannes Petzer tells me, “so when we have our fitness sessions it can be rolled back to form an exercise space. The flooring is a gym mat.”

This is what makes Reebok Fithub different. The company encourage fitness instructors and other sports professionals to register with them, partly to offer commision-based sales for Reebok goods, but also to provide sporty customers with exercise opportunities both in-store and at outside events.

Another unusual aspect of the shop is the large white-board calendar set up on a ground floor wall. Here registered instructors can add classes and activities, and customers can find out what’s going on in the community sport wise.

A sports shop with a difference!

A sports shop with a difference!

“On the top floor there will be a gym. This will be great as it fits in with the Reebok Fithub ethos. We’ve had a few details to settle as there’s a small conflict of interests with the free classes that we offer, but we hope to see it opening soon,” said Hannes.

Access to the gym will be through the front of the store and also by a side door in Market Street with a small lift.

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