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Updated: Residents Call for Action After Two Are Injured in Ash Green Crash

Published on: 13 Oct, 2023
Updated on: 16 Oct, 2023

The stretch of White Lane, Ash Green, where the collision occurred

By David Reading

Residents of Ash Green have intensified their campaign for safety measures on the main road through their village following the latest accident involving two cars.

The collision in White Lane happened on Tuesday afternoon (October 10) and two people were taken to hospital.

For some time, residents have been alarmed at the speeds of some of the cars and lorries travelling along White Lane, which has a 30mph limit. According to local people, over the last few years there have been at least four accidents resulting in hospitalisations.

Although it is not known for sure if speed was a factor in the latest collision, there are concerns that there could be an even more serious accident caused by drivers exceeding the limit.

Ash Green Residents Association (AGRA) has been seeking volunteers to form a community speed watch group.  The group has a co-ordinator who would be trained alongside a deputy and then relay the training to other volunteers.

According to AGRA, Surrey County Council ran a brief speed and traffic monitoring programme and recorded several vehicles travelling at over 70mph along White Lane.

AGRA’s speed watch coordinator, Howard Watson, said: “The recent reduction in the speed limit from 40 to 30 mph through the hamlet seems to have made little difference to vehicle speeds.

“We approached the Surrey County Council Cabinet Member for Transport regarding the possibility of having speed humps as they have in Grange Road, Shawfield Road and Vale Road, which seem to be quite effective in reducing vehicle speeds. But we were advised it was not possible due to the street lighting being insufficient to allow these measures to be installed.

“This response we found disappointing, as that could have provided a permanent speed deterrent. Therefore, we approached the local police regarding a community speed watch programme, which we are now currently setting up, and we hope to have this running soon once the training has been completed.”

Today (October 13th) Cllr Matt Furniss, Surrey County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways, Transport and Economic Growth, said: “I can confirm that a Road Safety Assessment will be taking place on White Lane and we will be putting down speed monitoring in advance of any proposed works to mitigate speed and improve safety.

“White Lane and the White Lane/Poyle Road junction I have nominated for the Major ITS scheme for 2024/5. This is where major improvements are agreed at Surrey County Council for improvements to the network.”

This week’s accident happened between Hazel Road and Ash Green Lane East. On social media, it has been suggested that speed cameras would be an effective option.

Police confirmed they attended the scene of the collision, but said no arrests had been made.

A spokesperson for the  South East Coast Ambulance Service said: “Two patients were assessed and treated before being taken to hospital. One patient was immobilised for potential injuries and the second suffered what we believed to be more minor injuries.”


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