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Residents Concerned About the Possible Closure of Their GP Surgery

Published on: 14 Sep, 2022
Updated on: 18 Sep, 2022

Onslow Residents’ Association’s Open Meeting Over Fears GP Surgery May Close

By Martin Giles

Residents in southwest Guildford, affected by the proposed reorganisation of Guildown and Woodbridge Hill GP practices in north and west Guildford, are most concerned about the possible closure of Wodeland Avenue surgery and the consequent problems of traveling to centralised surgery sites, further away.

Their concerns were expressed last night (September 13) by a show of hands at a meeting called by the Onslow Village Residents Association (OVRA).

It had been expected that the meeting would include presentations of the proposed restructure from the Surrey Heartlands Integrated Care Board (formerly known as a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)) but on the day before the meeting they informed the OVRA, “…we are obliged under NHS England and Cabinet Office guidance to postpone all in-person events that are not required for operational reasons during the official mourning period”.

The audience was reminded that four options had been short-listed:

  • consolidating on a single surgery at Park Barn;
  • consolidating with two surgeries, one main in Park Barn and the other close to the Jarvis Centre in Stoughton;
  • consolidating into one or two main sites and additionally maintaining the Wodeland Avenue site and;
  • consolidating into one or two main sites and finding another site (as yet determined) in southwest Guildford.

A wide range of questions was asked and the audience informed that someone travelling from St Catherine’s in southwest Guildford to the Jarvis Centre in Stoughton could face a journey of 55 minutes each way, if travelling by public transport.

A date for a revised meeting with the NHS Surrey Heartlands Integrated Care Board is expected to be announced.



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Responses to Residents Concerned About the Possible Closure of Their GP Surgery

  1. Jim Allen Reply

    September 15, 2022 at 8:57 am

    “Cabinet Office guidance”! It is a shame this guidance was not followed on previous public consultations. They are in summary, not meant to be held if there is no intention to change the current opiniion.
    How many consultations have been held where the end result is ‘no change’. Is this health service change at Stoughton, like those at Ash, Burpham, Weyside Urban Village, the Local Plan, Wisley, and M25, Junction 10.

    I suspect it is more: “We (the officials) have decided don’t waste your time responding.”

  2. H Trevor Jones Reply

    September 15, 2022 at 8:51 pm

    I use the Wodeland Surgery on my infrequent visits, which is a reliable 10 minute walk from home.

    But if I had to get a bus (I don’t drive) to go further afield, there would be a greater chance of being late for an appointment, eg if a bus is late or is cancelled. This wouldn’t be good for NHS efficiency.

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