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Review: Unlocked – Odeon Guildford

Published on: 7 May, 2017
Updated on: 7 May, 2017

By Dennis Harvey-Hepherd

Unlocked is one of the best spy thrillers for a long time. The plot is somewhat familiar, being similar to ‘London Has Fallen’ from last summer, but it benefits from a much better storyline, actors and director.

The tension comes from multiple factions on both sides of the underlying threat to the UK. Who to trust?

I was struck by the reality of the organisations and politics between and driving them. This is real world counter-terrorism with just enough improbable but not impossible twists to drive the story.

Also, the action sequences are balanced, realistic and proportionate. You don’t get scenes of car chases through the streets, crashing large numbers of cars and destroying buildings. That is good, it would have destroyed the integrity that runs through this film.

The only truly unrealistic thing is the ability of the heroine to continue after injuries that would be life threatening in a normal person, but we need our heroes.

I am very happy to give four out of five stars.

This film is running this week (w/c May 7 2017) , possibly longer, at the Odeon Cinema, Guildford.

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