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Rubens’ Blog: Got To Have A Bad Day To Have A Good Day

Published on: 17 May, 2022
Updated on: 29 Jun, 2022

Rubens King works as an armed forces caseworker for young people, helping people find training, work experience, volunteering and paid work. He also writes giving advice on mental health issues to tackle stigma and make conversations about mental health normal. Here, he gives some suggestions on how you can stay positive in different situations to help.

Having a bad day may be when you don’t achieve a goal. However, being aware that you have time to achieve your goals means that a bad day isn’t the end of the world.

How you remain focused, keep perspective and bounce back from these challenges may determine your wellbeing and productivity.

The Mary Frances Trust is a good support avenue when dealing with adversity up to crisis.


Having a bad day can be useful so you can tell when make the most of a good day, especially during a hard training session or injury period.

Another thought-provoking quote may be “pain is temporary, but quitting is forever”, just knowing that it’s ok to pause for the day and start afresh the next is completely fine. We are all human and our muscles or mind may need time to rest and recover!

For support Woking Mind may be helpful.

Mental health:

A work-life balance is a part of having a good or bad day. For example, if you work hard and play harder or don’t get enough sleep you may be more likely to burn out.

Naturally, work-life balance is subjective so what people may say is a ‘good’ balance may be different for you.

Trialling a schedule with varying levels of activities every week and comparing how you feel afterwards may be beneficial.

Therefore, factoring in days to recover can be useful to restore your energy levels, focus, drive and motivation.

Business interactions:

The interactions you have throughout the day may determine how motivated and focused you feel. A challenge may be the delay in identifying highs, rather than when they happen, therefore missing the opportunity to embrace joy felt in the moment.

So, if you find yourself making lots of mistakes or not feeling well then take comfort knowing it’s normal to not be 100% every day.

It is easy to fall into a fixed mindset and believe that nothing will change, however this outlook is false and may not be conducive to achieving your goals.

It’s also easy to fall into the trap of working through your lunch, this break is designed to help you recover. Therefore, it is useful to remain hopeful and positive.

Time to Change has provided resources for business use to promote understanding of mental health.


Having a bad training session, struggling to find a balance or not having work go your way is completely normal.

What determines character is how you respond to these challenges and potentially how quickly you bounce back.

Knowing the bad days will end is useful to remember when things aren’t going your way.

If you’re not having a good day maybe reach out to someone for support, ask for help or try to remove the bad influences from your life.

Remember to exercise self-compassion and take your lunch break.

Rubens King has his own blog site Stay Fruity.


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