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Rubens’ Blog: Help Is Available If Suffering With Imposter Syndrone

Published on: 13 Nov, 2022
Updated on: 17 Nov, 2022

Rubens King.

Rubens King currently works as an enterprise co-ordinator to support career leaders in schools and colleges to develop their career strategies. He connects these schools with volunteers from local companies to engage their students with career activities. He also writes giving advice on mental health issues to promote equality, diversity and inclusion. Here he writes about imposter syndrome.

Over the years people have said: “You’re a strong networker, Rubens”. An ironic observation of confidence or a growth outcome. Growth that reflects trauma in my short life and my goals. Wanting to be help and install hope in others.  

Confidence is a positive of my autism that comes naturally.

For example, if I go on holiday I’ll happily eat in excess without worrying about judgement. That is how I feel most of the time when I feel comfortable enough.

Imposter syndrome can creep in. In other words, navigating a hidden disability can be tricky but being brave and asking for support when needed can help overcome imposter syndrome and increase confidence. 

The National Autistic Society ( has local parent support groups and a range of additional support for those with autism including (but not limited to) benefits, diagnosis, employment and mental health. 

Samaritans ( can help talk though some tricky situations, especially if affecting mental health: Tel: 116 123.

NHS Surrey also offers talking therapies that could be helpful (

Getting out and about through singing ( and walking ( may also improve confidence. 

Imposter syndrome can be especially when comparing yourself. Comparing ourselves for pride can be unhelpful. Saying goodbye to pride can be rewarded with self-awareness. Learning or being taught not to compare ourselves can help life a more fulfilling life. 

Confidence could be seen as a choice. Decide to believe in yourself like a four-year-old in a Batman T-shirt. This is what I feel when I feel confident.

Confidence can have different meanings depending on upbringing, perspective, and culture. 

Rubens King also has his own blog site, Stay Fruity.


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