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Rubens’ Blog: Prospering With Attention Deficit Disorder

Published on: 30 Aug, 2021
Updated on: 21 Dec, 2021

Rubens King works for Surrey Choices as an employment support specialist, helping people find work experience, volunteering and paid work. He also writes giving advice on mental health issues to tackle stigma and make conversations about mental health normal. In his first article for The Guildford Dragon NEWS, he writes about Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and gives details of where help for those suffering from it can be found in the Guildford area.

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a term which may include inattention, distractibility, and poor working memory.

People with ADD may display more inattentive behaviours and potentially less hyperactive behaviours. Feeling good can be a struggle, but this does not have to be a bad thing.

ADD could be considered common as it is a mental health disorder, and one in five or 20% of British people are (reported to be) affected by a mental disorder. Subsequently, as people with ADD may prefer to do what they enjoy, this can encourage people to make authentic choices. Click here for details.

Stimulation may be a priority. It may explain why food may be used to self-regulate dopamine levels. This can explain associated eating disorders like binge eating. When this happens rules like ‘Pepsi only on a Friday’ or avoiding caffeine be helpful.

Click here for how one person broke a lifelong habit.

Similarly, ADD is an individualistic concept that understanding the person can be helpful to know what helps them succeed.

This may be unlocked with a professional GP, using cognitive behavioural therapy or medication, or personally with reflection.

If you find you or someone you know may be affected, then experimenting with sensory toys like fidget cubes for refocusing may be useful. Equally, breaks may help replenish concentration, and knowing when the best time is to work could also be a benefit. Therefore, working out what works for you or a person you know can be useful for communication.

Click here for more information.

Should you find yourself in a crisis here’s the details for the Canterbury Care Centre in Guildford. Click here.

What are the benefits of ADD?

Hyper focus: ADD may be an unhelpful label when misunderstood or generalised, but it has strengths such as hyper focus. When hyper focus is utilised effectively, I have found this helps to perform to high standards.

Determination: A person with ADD may struggle to attend to information that is of little interest. So, when able to deal with interesting information or roles and responsibilities, this can make the individual a real asset who is able to excel. For example, a job, sport, or other hobbies that brings fulfilment.

ADD does not have to be a badge of shame nor cause for concern. It can be a superpower when nurtured.

Consider interests and activities which make you lose track of time. Doing what you enjoy may be better than sticking to doing what you are good at.

For more support, remember to reach out to your friends and support network. For example, I studied at the University of Portsmouth, and the chaplains still support me for mentoring sessions. Similarly, private practices can help too, such as The Eaves, or Woking Mind that offers weekly wellbeing calls or 10 therapeutic counselling sessions.

Stay creative. Stay out of the box. #StayYouStayFruity

Rubens will be writing further articles on the journey of getting an attention deficit and autism diagnosis.

Rubens King also has his own blog site, Stay Fruity.

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