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Rubens Blog: Support for Neurodiverse Individuals at Work

Published on: 10 Dec, 2022
Updated on: 1 Apr, 2023

Rubens King.

Rubens King currently works as an enterprise co-ordinator to support career leaders in schools and colleges to develop their career strategies. He connects these schools with volunteers from local companies to engage their students with career activities. He also writes giving advice on mental health issues to promote equality, diversity and inclusion. Here he writes about accessing support with neurodiversity at work. 

People with a disability or interchangeably mental health that challenges, or who experience neurodiversity, have a range of support available.

For example, an individual with autism who works full time from home may be entitled to fully funded support from the government when applying within six weeks of starting a new role.

These can be one-to-one tailored coaching sessions functioning like mentoring. Including: specialist text reading or screen tint software, headset, web camera, disability awareness training for employers (delivered virtually), a monitor, or support from brain in hand , a software that uses a traffic light wellbeing check-in with a one-to-one follow up if needed. 

Fully funded support is available.

The process has there main steps. 

One: Applying for the role. Being assigned a caseworker. Being offered a work place assessment and virtual assessments are usually delivered by an assessor from the Royal British Legion. 

Two: Have the work place assessment.

Three: Action the paperwork. Once a report has been completed and sent to the Department for work and Pensions (DWP) caseworker, then to yourself as the recipient.

The report can be shared with an employer to action the paperwork on your behalf.

As mentioned, all support can be reimbursed within the first six weeks of starting a new job. Or you or your support worker can file a purchase order which should be reimbursed two weeks after the paperwork is returned to the DWP. 

There is a plethora of support available. Seek it, use it and refine the support you receive. Everyone is entitled to support and more. Be brave. 

Rubens King also has his own blog site, Stay Fruity.

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