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SCC Data Dashboard Updates State of Covid-19 Cases in Surrey

Published on: 10 Nov, 2020
Updated on: 12 Nov, 2020

Against background national news of a new vaccine, Surrey County Council has issued its first data dashboard highlighting the latest figures for cases of Covid-19 in Surrey.

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The figures show the number of new cases and the rate of infection for the past seven days in each borough and district. The dashboard will be updated and issued daily.

Latest figures show that the pandemic remains volatile locally. Guildford borough last week had the fourth-lowest seven-day infection rate in the county. Now it is the fourth highest.

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After a slight dip in the number of new infections recorded in the borough and county last week, the infection rate is once again on the rise in most areas. Residents are advised to remain vigilant to slow any spread of the virus. The best way is to stay alert and adhere to the following guidance, say county council officials:

  • Keep your distance if you go out (two metres apart where possible);
  • Wear face coverings; and
  • Wash your hands regularly.

Future data dashboards and bi-weekly data for Surrey (broken down by boroughs and districts) can be found at:

If you have coronavirus symptoms, a persistent cough, high fever, or a change in smell or taste, book a test by calling 119 or visit

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test One Response to SCC Data Dashboard Updates State of Covid-19 Cases in Surrey

  1. Fiona Yeomans Reply

    November 10, 2020 at 12:35 pm

    It would be helpful if Surrey County Council also published the number of tests taken each week. If that is increasing (and it seems to be quick and easy to get a test now) that will have an impact on the number of cases detected.

    Hospital admissions should be set against discharge numbers. How long are patients staying in hospital and how severely ill are they?

    The increase is of course a cause for concern but the overall numbers in this area are still relatively low as is the death rate. The downsides of preventative measures are also serious (viz today’s OFSTED report on the substantial harm to children of missing pre-school and school earlier this year).

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