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See the Light – Years of Campaigning Finally Pay Off

Published on: 30 Jan, 2023
Updated on: 31 Jan, 2023

Langley Close car park and pathways now lit ‘better than ever’

Mandy Millyard

By Martin Giles

Mandy Millyard is not a woman to give up easily. After nearly nine years campaigning she has finally seen complete success with the re-installation of lighting to make a pathway and car park safer at night time.

Despite support from the then borough councillor Caroline Reeves, and other councillors, Mandy found it hard to get either a private company or Surrey County Council to take responsibility for the broken lighting in Langley Close near Josephs Road.

In 2021 Mandy told The Dragon she had experienced: “…walking through the close in the dark and, on occasions, I have discovered individual people or small groups there who have shouted at me. It’s unnerving. I have also slipped over on a plastic bottle on the ramp, that couldn’t be seen.

Aerial view showing location of Langley Close. Google Maps

But she has now brought her supporters up to date: “A trench was dug for the new cabling in October last year. And, I am pleased to say, the work was completed, and the trench filled in, last week.

“Thanks again for your support in helping me to get this resolved. I felt safer walking through there the other night, and I hope others will too.

“This was only moved forward when I contacted Angela Richardson [MP for Guildford] and her assistant Diana Brown… just wish I’d taken it to government level before!”

Ms Richardson responded to the news: “I am delighted that long-overdue repairs to lighting at Langley Close have now been done – it is just a shame that residents have had to battle for this for so long.

“I was pleased to be able to help untangle the confusion as to where the responsibility for this lay, which had caused such a long delay, and ensure that this work was actioned. Thanks to Mandy Millyard for her tenacity in highlighting the issue until it was resolved.

Angela Richardson MP

“Women’s safety is one of my key priorities for Guildford, it is great to have been able to help residents make this part of Guildford that bit safer.”

The company responsible says that the problem stemmed from the result of a car hitting the electrical supply which fed the street light – which is why it has been a complex matter to resolve.

Simon Hicks, lead maintenance and contract manager at Home Group, said: “As recognised by [Mandy Millyard], there were initial, unwanted delays while responsibility for the street light was established.

“Once that was resolved, we arranged the necessary repairs and installed alternative lighting to an adjacent gable end, which we have since made a permanent backup feature and a temporary solar lamp to the street light post.

“The street light is now operational again, though we recognise there were some additional delays while the utility company carried out underground cable repairs.

“We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused local residents.”

Donna Collinson the chair of the Stoke Next Guildford Residents’ Association and the Stoke AHAP (Area of High Archeological Potential) added: “Great result! I am sure everyone will feel safer walking through Langley Close at night.

“Thank you [Mandy] for your dedication in not only getting the original lamp repaired but getting the additional lamp on the end of the house. I appreciate this took considerable effort.

“The area by the disabled ramp is now brighter and safer than it has ever been.”

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