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Shop Front: Indigo Moon Holistics

Published on: 25 Nov, 2021
Updated on: 28 Nov, 2021

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There is a new pop-up shop in the Tunsgate Quarter, Indigo Moon Holistics.

Indigo Moon Holistics at the Tunsgate Quarter in Guildford.

The attractive shop sells crystals and beautiful pieces of handmade gemstone jewellery as well as consultations with psychic medium, Michelle Morley, who comes every Friday to the shop.

Owners, Georgina Winfrow and Jo Planinshek only opened only a few weeks ago but they say business has been booming.

Jo, on the left, and Geogina say they “laugh a lot” at their shop, Indigo Moon Holistics.

Georgina said: “We knew Guildford needed something like this. We think there is nowhere like this between Epsom and Portsmouth. People want to buy crystals in person.

“Our mission is to help people to heal themselves and to spread love and light.”

Jo said: “Our shop is a place where like-minded souls can come and be part of this spiritual community. We are here to meet people on whatever journey they are on and to help them with self healing and a happier life.”

Psychic medium, Michelle Morley, at Indigo Moon Holistics at Tunsgate Quarter.

They started in February this year selling crystals online but also carrying out treatments, such as reiki, crystal healing, holistic facials and reflexology from home.

They both live in Guildford and are delighted with the Tunsgate Quarter. “People’s perception of the Tunsgate Quarter is changing. We feel very supported here. The management are exceptional.

“Being just off the High Street is perfect for us. It is a safe place, a haven to come to.”

Why Indigo Moon? Georgina said: “The universe made this happen for us. We are both indigo children and the colour is associated with the crown chakra. The moon represents the divine feminine.”

Crystals at Indigo Moon Holistics.

Future plans? Jo said: “Everyone has been so happy for us. We have been so busy. We are a three-month pop-up but we would love to stay here permanently.

“Our future plans are for maybe more metaphysical shops and definitely a holistic retreat in the Surrey countryside.”

Indigo Moon Holistics at the Tunsgate Quarter.

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