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Shop Front: New Charmé Jewellery In Tunsgate

Published on: 12 Oct, 2021
Updated on: 12 Oct, 2021

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Tunsgate is one of the busiest retail and food streets in town at the moment. Charmé the jewellers is a new shop in this coolest of Guildford’s locations, and the owner, Sedat Orbay, is delighted with his new location.

Charmé the jewellers’ new shop in Tunsgate, one of Guildford’s busiest streets.

I had spoken to the charming Sedat when Charmé opened up in White Lion Walk two and a half years ago. Then he was a little unsure about success so he opted for a small shop.

“Now we are a lot more confident about our business,” he said. “The Tunsgate shop is perfect, even my office furniture looks better here.”

Ruby necklace at Charmé the jewellers.

The move from White Lion Walk was prompted by the end of his lease coinciding with the prospect of construction work while the upper floors were being converted to offices. But the key was the shop was too small for his growing business.

Wedding rings at Charmé the jewellers in Tunsgate.

Half of the jewellery he sells is made by his family’s business in Turkey and the rest from wholesalers in the UK.

Sedat Orbay of Charmé the jewellers in Tunsgate.

He said: “We want to provide affordable luxury. People have asked how I can be so competitive. I answer I’m independent, my overheads are limited and we manufacture in Turkey. There is no middleman so it works out cheaper.

“We can make bespoke jewellery as well. Customers can talk to us about what they want, maybe bring in a drawing, and we can make it.”

He is planning to set up a workshop at the back of the shop to provide a quick service for minor repairs. “We also take on other repairs at our workshop in Brighton,” he added.

His background is as an industrial engineer with an MBA degree with expertise in corporate finance. So why did he open a jewellers? “I’m a lot less stressed here,” he said, “and I really enjoy it”

He enthused about Tunsgate. “Gail’s has really opened up the street. That and the independents in the road have created a great synergy. I love it here.

“Guildford is getting lively again. The empty shops are being taken and it’s a good sign.”

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