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S’No Problem As the White Stuff Allows Winter Fun

Published on: 24 Jan, 2021
Updated on: 25 Jan, 2021

Tobogganing on St Catherine’s Hill, in the background the safety fence, around the railway tunnel works, still in place

Many, weary of the prolonged pandemic lockdown, took advantage of some seasonal snow to lighten the spirits today.

As tradition dictates, younger folk got busy making snowmen, throwing snowballs and tobogganing whilst older generations took careful strolls to admire the snowscapes.

The snow was already thawing this afternoon but freezing temperatures overnight might prolong the snowy covering and make the going a little treacherous underfoot tomorrow (January 25).

And here are some more snowy scenes from Guildford Effingham and Ash.

This image of a snow lamp, taken by our talented filmmaker Mark Insoll, gets the prize for the most artistic shot of the day.

But hot on its heels is this pretty Effingham scene from Chris Dick

The Guildhall is always worth a photo…

…as is the castle, with Mark’s wife Monika, a Swede who is always happy to see the snow Photos Mark Insoll

This snowman in Ash has a tropical hairdo. If you always wondered what to do with a pineapple top, well now you know Photo David Reading

This snowman has brought along his pet dog Photo Hugh Doherty

While this one with Fiona Giles seems to understand nothing about social-distancing

The combined girths of these two (one is The Dragon editor) would be a challenge for any striker! Photo Fiona Giles

And the cool goalie turns out to be a frozen chicken, we think

Gail’s bakery in Tunsgate continued to do a brisk trade in hot drinks to takeaway. Photo Mark Insoll

We all know that what goes down must come up again

That’s all folks! Photo Chris Dick (taken by him, that’s not the dog’s name)

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