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Stoke Park Paddling Pool to Close for Resurfacing

Published on: 14 Mar, 2022
Updated on: 16 Mar, 2022

Stoke Park Paddling Pool

The planned closure of Stoke Park paddling pool, including the boating lake and surrounding area, has commenced. The amenities will remain closed until the end of April.

The £170,000 refurbishment is necessary because the floor of the pool has, according to the council statement, “reached the end of its life” after six years, “and parts of the surface are clogging the filters”.

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For a longer-lasting solution, a new surface has been selected that GBC says: “will not disintegrate over time and block the filters. This will help the filters work efficiently and save water and the amount of chemicals used. The new fibreglass surface will have a slightly rough texture to prevent slipping and we still have our seascape design.”

Cllr James Steel

Lead councillor for Environment, James Steel (Lib Dem, Westborough), said: “The Stoke Park paddling pool originally opened in 1935, to commemorate King George V’s Silver Jubilee. It was last refurbished in 2016.

“We know how much families enjoy visiting our paddling pool with their children. It is also a place full of fond memories for many residents across our borough. The pool is busy and important free activity for our park visitors. We hope to have the paddling pool open for our usual big splash in early May.

“There is still lots to enjoy in Stoke Park. We have a children’s playground and multiple sports pitches and the kiosk remains open for tasty snacks. Visit our website to find more information on opening times and other facilities in Stoke Park.”

A council spokesperson said: “We have closed areas around the pool and the boating lake for safety while the work is taking place and to make sure that the new surface is protected as it is applied.

“There will be some noise while the surface is being prepared and visitors may notice a smell when the fibreglass is being applied. Although some people may find this unpleasant, it is not harmful.

“Stoke Park is our largest and most popular Green Flag award winner park with 52 hectares of unspoiled rolling grassland and open views across Guildford. The Green Flag award recognises well-managed parks and green spaces. To win, parks must meet high standards and have excellent facilities.”

For further information, and to find other Green Flag parks and open spaces, visit the Green Flag Award website.

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