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Letter: Save The Hogs Back? We’re Stuffed!

Published on: 29 Nov, 2013
Updated on: 29 Nov, 2013

Hogs Back LetterFrom Lisa Wright

Every councillor, including those at the top, are acting as if development of the university site is a ‘done deal’ and that any protesters are wasting their time.

They have already planned a railway station at Park Barn, the road network has been improved by the Hospital/Surrey Research Park. We’ve seen plans from the transport group showing roads coming through Wood Street Village to link up.

And from the feedback I’ve heard from the campaigners that have had meetings with Cllr Mansbridge [GBC council leader], and sources within the council’s own work force, it seems that they intend to build on the green belt first.

Building on brownfield is more costly. Building on green fields is easy and very profitable both for the contractors and for GBC, in terms of the contribution to services that they will receive.

We’re stuffed!

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