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Surely, After Three Years, the Authorities Should Have Agreed Their Weir Responsibilities

Published on: 2 Aug, 2022
Updated on: 2 Aug, 2022

From: Martin Elliott

In response to: Council Reacts: ‘We Are Working Together to Ensure the Future of the Tumbling Bay Weir’

I still don’t understand why, after three years, the authorities still don’t know, and haven’t agreed, their responsibilities for the repair and maintenance of Tumbling Bay Weir and the footbridge that passed over it.

A working group on Flood Resilience in Surrey was re-established 10 years ago. It has just asked for consultation on a multi-million River Thames (diversion) Scheme.

Surely that indicates some financial relationships between the different authorities? Smaller updates of the strategy and exercises have been carried out in GBC (but deleted from its website).

Indeed, I don’t see how there can have been any coordinated planning if first of all the Flood Resilience Group hasn’t listed and agreed the responsibilities for all assets along the Wey River/Navigation.

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