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Surrey Councils Urge Residents to Reduce Their Food Waste

Published on: 8 Sep, 2023
Updated on: 10 Sep, 2023

Food waste contributes about eight per cent of greenhouse gases.

This autumn, the Surrey Environment Partnership (SEP) is urging Surrey residents to reduce their food waste and save themselves money. They say that with the cost of living crisis squeezing household budgets, there’s never been a better time to highlight this issue.

Research by the Waste Reduction Action Programme (WRAP) showed that 88 per cent of people who used up leftovers said it saved them money. So SEP’s Own Your Impact campaign will be providing reminders that even the smallest changes, such as planning meals, understanding dates on food, freezing leftovers can make a big difference.

To help residents take action and save money, they are being signposted to the SEP website which is packed with a wealth of information. It includes advice on meal planning, using up leftovers and more. Residents are also being encouraged to donate food that won’t be eaten to local food banks and community fridges.

Cllr Marisa Heath

SEP chair County Cllr Marisa Heath, said: “Few of us have avoided the impact of the cost of living crisis and reducing how much food we waste can really help. Wasting food is bad for our bank balances and the environment. So I hope this campaign, helps residents to make better choices for themselves and the planet”.

The campaign will run until mid-October, using a selection of eye-catching

campaign creatives across social media, online advertising and print.

Ben McCallan of local charity Zero Carbon Guildford said: “Food waste is a completely avoidable issue. ZERO actually runs a community fridge which has saved over 27 tons of food going to waste in just 18 months!

“It’s plain common sense to not waste perfectly good food, but also food waste creates about eight per cent of the global emissions that drive climate change. So tackling this issue can help relieve cost of living demands, reduce ‘throwaway culture’, and is an easy way we can each tackle the climate issues which pose a threat to our kids, our infrastructure, and is a looming health crisis.”


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